Swimming Pool Building

Swimming pool building – what to consider?

A swimming pool can be a major attraction to most people who aim to own a property. A commercial property that has a swimming pool can be aesthetic, appealing and beneficial as well. A builder may hire swimming pool constructors or swimming pool contractors to make a commercial property more appealing! Meaning, builders need to reach out to a swimming pool construction company if they want to build a swimming pool. These companies handle the entire aspect of designing and building of the pool in the desired area by bringing in swimming pool builders who are experts in their field.

However, building swimming pools by following this method may just burn a hole in your wallet! This is where Radvi.com comes into the picture. This real estate company has the right knowledge and experience in building commercial properties with swimming pools, right from land acquisition to the final paperwork. It doesn’t get easier than this! As you may be aware, there are various factors to consider before building a swimming pool for any property. These are as follows:


Determine the usage of the pool whether it would be used for pleasure or for ·         exercise. If the pool is to be used by kids, you can think of including a play area. However, the depth of the pool should not be more than 1.5 ft. Adding an air bubble system, would double the fun factor. In cases of exercise, a hot water pool would be a better alternative.


If a pool focuses on relaxation and contemplation, it can be approached as a retreat with moody finishes, warmer water and a cave-like feel with mood lighting and darker colour patterns to promote mindfulness and time with oneself.


If the swimming pool mainly focuses on exercise, it would need a regular shape with clear swimming lanes and length for doing laps. It should be less decorative and should focus more on performance. For example, the end of the pool should be clearly visible while swimming and robust enough for turns, lanes clear, from protrusions like steps into the pool etc.

Space Required:

Determine the space required to build a swimming pool. You can build a swimming pool with 150-200 square feet water area which can be easily built in an area of 500 square feet.


Various accessories for swimming pools such as colourful LED lights, different kinds of steps etc. can be an add on to the swimming pool – all of this would make it look more attractive and pleasant during the night time.

Longevity Matters:

As the temperatures rise, the usage of fiberglass and vinyl-lined pools might seem tempting. However, if you are looking at durability, concrete pools might be the best match. But it may take around four to six weeks.

Quality Circulation System:

 Every pool needs a water circulation system. This would keep the pool looking fresh and sparkling. An experienced team can incorporate elements like energy efficiency, heating, automation etc. and can help you find high-efficiency and a reliable aquatic system for your pool. 

Consider Maintenance:

If properly maintained, pools can be a valuable asset to any property. If the pool is not constructed well or not maintained, it would decrease the property value. Certified and trained pool technicians can keep the pool looking good and maintained for many years.

Features and Lighting:

Features like dynamic jets, cascading waterfalls and underwater lighting would create an ambient atmosphere. Consider the features required before your build a pool. However, keep in mind that additional features can increase the budget. Adding such features later on might be time-consuming, messy and more expensive.

Landscaping is important:

You would not like to clean the falling leaves from a tree from inside the pool every time. So just like adding features and accessories, proper landscaping around the pool is very important. It can enhance the pleasure a pool offers. Professionals can take care of such details and yet maintain the greenery around the pool space.

Determining the Budget:

By keeping maintenance and longevity in mind, you need to determine the budget for the swimming pool. Adding a pool can be a wonderful way to relax and de-stress. However, you need to have quite a good budget to opt for a swimming pool. You can consider breaking down the costs for each add on; raw materials and other accessories to make the budget even clearer.

Compare the Prices:

If you have done most of the checks, you can compare the price of swimming pools. But be cautious while performing this and try to understand almost all forms of expenses incurred when other commercial spaces were built with swimming pools.

Know the Contractor:

Almost all construction projects might face many unforeseen costs or setbacks. Building a swimming pool is not very different. A swimming pool would be an ideal relaxing destination for people. For this reason, it’s important to have good knowledge about the contractor who builds the swimming pool for commercial properties.

Integrated Functions:

Swimming pools are not usually built as standalone items. Other than its essential functions, a pool, especially in a commercial area might have changing rooms, toilets and bath or storage space. Some pools might have an integrated spa. It can be separate or with continuity. A home spa might have a sauna or steam room, a plunge pool or an integrated bar next to the pool but you need to ensure the bar table is at right height inside the pool. A pool house, in case of external pools might also have a lounging area or serving facilities.

Finishing of The Pool:

Finishing is directly linked to the function. Some pools might look better from lighter touches and some other might be better off with a darker colour palette. Textured walls and intricate ceilings can help create an acoustic environment. Feature walls and lighting can make a great impact on the pool environment. Also, utilising high quality artificial options can bring in calmness and a sense of homeliness to the décor.

 Feature pools just focus on visual impact and quality while a dynamic use pool would look at the practicality and durability, including slip resistance or being able to withstand chemical deterioration. A dark pool can make a statement but would require more lighting. This can be ideal for outdoor pools but is not the best option for hot weather conditions. Finishes would need to work with available light, whether it would be naturally lit with the help of a light-well or skylights in a basement or if it will be a fully artificial one.

Location & Type of Pool:

When it comes to deciding on building an indoor, outdoor or a hybrid pool, you have to consider various factors. Critical matters would include underground services, adjoining structures, hydrology of setting and geotechnical characteristics. You will have to make sure that the pool is the best place with proper drainage and services. Once the idea is formed, you can think of the look and design.

Outdoor Pools:

Outdoor pools would require a large area with less obstructions. You should ensure that there is plenty of sunlight, away from trees and plants. (This would result in less debris falling into the pool, avoids overshadowing and protects the tree roots). Pools on a sloping plot would be a stunning feature – it would connect the water with fantastic views. The climate can also create an impact on the location of the pool.

 If the area you live in is humid and life is mostly indoors, the pool appearance and composition would be of great importance turning into a feature rather than the intensely used pool.  You should also consider planning restrictions with local planning authorities regarding the property listed status, tree preservation orders, conservation area restrictions and other related factors that might be possible legal restrictions.

Indoor Pools:

These pools would need a year-round use with a controlled environment. These types of pools are ideal for cooler climates. Such pools would require more thought when it comes to design. The finishes can attract the feel and look of the space along with its maintenance. A different approach regarding natural light and ventilation would also feature as a requirement.

Hybrid Pools:

This is where the pool is partly indoors and part outdoors. Such pools have proved to be a success as they offer the benefits of both options. The pool is divided with an insulated boom that can slide up from a trough in the floor that can meet a window sliding down from the above. Based on the arrangement and approach, the window boom can be opened which can create one long pool during the summer. The boom can be lowered and the window can provide air separation between inside and outside.

 The inside and outside would then have a separate water treatment plant to make sure that during winter, the outside can be run at a temperature sufficient to get through winter while the indoors can be heated to indoor temperature for everyday use. It can ensure that the energy is not wasted as they are additionally protected with covers to lower the energy loss.

 If you plan to hire swimming pool contractors via a swimming pool construction company, the process of swimming pool building would be very expensive. Commercial property builders such as Radvi, have a dedicated team of swimming pool builders and swimming pool constructors who are well experienced in this field. Along with building a commercial property that would match with all your requirements, they can also add a swimming pool, based on your needs. Their services range from building a property from scratch, consulting on a finished property, providing interior designing, landscaping for exteriors, or purchasing land for future use.