Revamping Your House: We’re a Renovations Expert You can Trust

Any building structures, both exterior and interior go through a lot of damage through the years due to various factors. When you start suspecting that the place requires a lot of repairs and work at the foundation level, a good idea can be to renovate the structure to strengthen and revive it. If you are living abroad and have a villa, house, commercial space, or an apartment building that requires renovation, you might require doing a lot of groundwork.

Renovation requires proper planning with the help of structural engineers, repairing the spaces, rebuilding the areas, changing the electrical lines, and providing a finishing touch to the interiors with newer furniture or refurbishing the old one. Each of these stages requires a dedicated expert and co-ordinating between all of them can be a little overwhelming.

This is where experts such as Radvi come into the picture. We are the best renovations experts in India with a team of renovation experts under one umbrella. Our well-equipped team co-ordinates the process of renovation right from the designing part to finish without the need for your constant involvement and supervision.

Why are We the Best Renovations Expert for You

Radvi understands the need and value of renovations required for any house. We take umpteen cares when it comes to rework on your house and rebuild it to match your vision.

Vast Experience

Our team’s 30-plus years of experience says a lot for itself and makes us a cut above the norm. We have designers, planners, engineers, developers, contractors, and liaison personnel that have worked over the years to help renovate several exterior and interior projects. Radvi’s team has been at the forefront of providing best-in-class service experience for every client.

Local Knowledge

Every region comes with its criteria, challenges, permissions, and material pricing. This is why we have individual teams composed of the best local experts in India to ensure that your renovation process goes as smoothly as possible. This helps in understanding structural issues as per the weather, the materials to be used as per the region, and the permissions taken as per the local bodies.

Budget Flexibility

Another advantage of our team’s knowledge is that we provide you with budget flexibility for your renovations. You may have a certain design in mind and a budget to renovate the house. We try to bring your vision to life with the best possible materials within your budget. Our team of developers and designers can even suggest alternative ideas that are cost-effective without affecting your idea of the house.

Track Record

We have provided renovation services to numerous clients who wanted to either strengthen their structure or simply freshen up the look of their home. With services that include interiors and landscaping, we cover all the aspects that are associated with renovations and remodelling. Our expertise has helped clients bag a better value for their renovated property and a higher return on their investment.

Why Should You Renovate?

Owning a property requires regular maintenance and sometimes a need to improve, redecorate with the changing trends, renovate the weaker sections, and extend the existing property. Several factors are associated with the idea of renovation.

Your property in India might be simply a second home or a rental property. In any case, you have put time and effort to secure the same and it is important to keep up with its maintenance. The upkeep of any house is an essential factor since it is not easy to sell the property every time it gets old or weak. This is why you can keep a kitty set aside for home improvements promptly.

Another profitable advantage of renovations is that you are beautifying the place and adding value to it. This increases the profit margin if you are planning to sell the property or maybe looking to charge a higher rent while leasing it out. In such a case, renovate the housekeeping in mind the market trends and appeal to ensure people are lured to the house.

Your investment value in a house, villa, commercial property, or apartment can be significantly increased by having a well-designing and well-executed renovated house. The interiors and exteriors that are beautified can have greater value over the other properties in the area.

Chances are that you bought a readymade property that wasn’t as per your dreams but fit your budget perfectly. Now when you are ready to invest a little more, some remodelling and renovation can bring out the real character in the house. Also, some old designs might not have newer amenities and conveniences.

If you love keeping up with the trends and are looking for a particular style for your property, renovation works well. It can even mean adding newer features to the house and automating the entire property for convenient control. In case of commercial properties, you may be changing the type of business or offering it on lease to a certain different business category. In any case, renovating it as per the market standards can fetch you a good amount.

Steps Involved During Renovation

The idea of renovating might be appeasing but the practicality may require a little more effort. We have compiled to most common steps that are required to consider before you undertake a renovation plan. Radvi covers all these steps and more to smoothly help you through any type of renovation project.

One of the important stages before beginning any renovation is identifying whether the property requires it. Chances are you have bought a readymade property at a steal deal price due to its poor condition. Or your property has been going through the natural wear and tear over the years and requires maintenance to bring it back to its former glory. Whatever the reason be, figure out whether you require renovation and which areas should be your priority.

Once you start assessing the areas that require strengthening, the interiors that need furnishing, the exterior that requires landscaping, and more, you will need to chart out a plan. Put down the priority areas on top of the list and talk to a professional for feedback on your requirements.

Since you have set a priority of areas that need work, the next step should be budget allocation. It is important to assign a budget and keep track of the money spent since an unplanned renovation can stretch your pocket thin. Also, you might not really understand some problem areas such as uneven flooring or weakened structure until a structural engineer arrives for assessment. But having a budget in mind is a good way to begin renovations.

Once you have done your groundwork and decided on a budget, you can start looking at a contractor that can help you understand the renovation process in a much better way. Talk to a designer that can help in getting new design ideas or recreate your vision. Contractors should offer advice on the problem areas and define the scope of work. Ensure that you sign a contract before starting the process to avoid any pitfalls or dispute.

Once your plan is set for renovation, you might require all the materials required for the job. Either your contractor can provide you with all the options that might fit your requirement in the best possible manner or you can start hunting for various materials yourself. Another important aspect is to ensure that you get the permissions and legal paperwork required from local authorities for beginning the renovation project.

Now since all the prerequisite for renovation is done, your next step is to get the project started. Talk to the contractor beforehand and set a timeline for the project. This ensures that you are not going over your budget.

Aspects to Consider for Renovation

Renovation is a broader term that covers many aspects of a villa, house, commercial building, and an apartment. Depending on your property and requirement, you will need to assess the requirement. Few areas that often need renovation are –

Weather conditions and the age of the building often weaken the structural conditions of a building. Also, beautifying factors such as colours and designs start to fade. In such a case, you might require revamping the exteriors with a stronger foundation or just freshening up the paint and remodel the landscape. Depending on your requirement, you might need to talk to an architect, a contractor, landscaping expert, or a civil engineer.

Many original features of the house may have started to get damaged and may require saving over the other areas. Find out what are the major areas that require immediate attention and what the ones that can be pushed to the back as per your budget. Get an assessment of the structure as well as features such as windows, floors, doors, original mouldings, roofs, etc.

You may have a certain interior design or landscaping idea in mind. On paper, it might look amazing but in actuality, your property might require a lot of work such as reshuffling the pipelining, electrical connections, realigning the drains, and more. It is important that these factors be considered beforehand so there are no surprises left when you begin the renovation process.

Sometimes you might need to balance between a certain type of renovation that pleases the eye and a certain aspect that helps in retaining the property’s value under adverse weather conditions. Figure out how the weather has affected your property and what are the seasons that affect the house more in the region of your property. Making property weathertight is a great way to ensure that your renovation works last longer.

If you have bought an existing property or are planning to restructure the space inside the house, you might need to probably push a wall further or bring one down. In any case, consider the foundation and the beam areas of the house and assess how the change might affect the same. Understand the concepts of load-bearing before you begin the knockdown walls and convert the extra spaces into a loft or a garage.

Renovation is also used to extend the existing property by adding a room or a floor to it. Understand that extensions would require a site assessment of the current structure and will need some repairs done before it can handle an additional space.

If you are eyeing to use the house often, you might require doing the interiors as per your taste. If your structure is solid but you just want to add a bit of pizazz to the interiors, you might look for renovating the rooms with the help of an interior designer. It might also be beneficial for adding newer technologies such as home automation or convert the house into a more eco-friendly space.

Commercial properties need additional paperwork and permissions from the legal authorities. Certain aspects of such properties are required to have repairs and rework at specific intervals. Also, if you are planning to lease the property to a new client, a renovated property can lure them and even get you a higher rent.