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Building your Dream Home: We’re a Luxury Home Builder You can Trust

Building a luxury home can be daunting if you have to do all the necessary planning and oversee the building process. There are so many factors to consider for a building plan such as the necessary paperwork, permissions for the floors, purchasing material, hiring a contractor, and much more. If you are not residing in India, going through all the stages with different service providers can be difficult. This is where we come in. Radvi is not just a broker or a single service provider, we are the best luxury villas/houses/homes builder in India.

We are partners in your home building dream. Our team is well-equipped to build luxurious villas, independent houses, and apartment-style buildings for you. We have an on-ground local team of civil contractors, liaisoning officers, interior designers, developers, and architects for every state in India. These teams comprise of individuals that are specialised in their respective fields to ensure your dream home comes to life.

Why are We the Best Luxury Home & Villa Builders for You?

Radvi believes in offering partnership in building your dream home to help you get the best value in building a luxury villa/house/home in India.

Vast Experience

Our team’s 30-plus years of experience says a lot for itself and makes us a cut above the norm. This vast experience in our field is complemented with our adaptive ability to change with the times. We start with looking for a plot that fits the idea of your luxury villa, home, or apartment. Later, we have a ground team that assesses the architectural possibilities and a local design team that offers you the latest trending ideas for your home. After consulting on the building plan, we oversee the construction of the building, interiors, and additionally the landscaping for villas and independent homes.

Local Knowledge

What makes us worthy of your partnership is the fact that we have a team that has a sound knowledge of the localities. Many things require local knowledge for consideration, such as pipelining, paperwork, building height permissions, and more. Villas, Houses, and Apartments each require a different approach and we ensure that we cover them with the help of our team. We have created teams as per the cities in India so that their familiarity with the region and key associations help us in undertaking a smooth operation.

Budget Flexibility

Every individual has a budget in their mind when they start planning a house. We consider every customer’s requirement as our top priority and hence we provide an array of services that are flexible as per their budget. We ensure that your expectations and the amount of money you put can still equip your home with luxurious amenities. Since we have experienced local teams, we have the unparalleled market knowledge to offer ideas and alternatives that can help you achieve your dream villa, house, or apartment building within the budget.

Track Record

Over the years we have catered to various types of clients to help them build luxurious villas, independent houses, and apartments. Our keen eye towards the business has helped them get over 100 times the return on their investment. We ensure that once you have got the keys to your home, you do not have to go through additional maintenance for years and worry about any future paperwork.

Luxury Villas

There is no better way to define comfort than owning a magnificent villa that encompasses a courtyard, a farm, a backyard, a vineyard, a swimming pool, and much more. A villa is a royalty, a perfect dream home that nestles you with luxury. The diverse locations in India offer natural beauty, cultural heritage and amenities that sums up to be great places for you to invest in.

Villas in India have a very lavish appeal since most metro cities have a sky-high rate for the property. NRIs wishing to purchase a property can benefit from the Rupee exchange rate and the various benefits bestowed upon them by the Indian Government to own a house. Villas can be a perfect investment for those who would prefer to have a home away from their current home. It offers a getaway with all the latest luxuries that can make a vacation or an extended stay in the country pleasurable.

What Makes a Villa So Alluring?

The space required to build a villa itself is humungous to accommodate amenities apart from the traditional independent house. An average-sized villa would require anywhere between 3700 to 4000 square feet space that will have footprints for a building, lush garden, lawn, flowerbeds, garage, and a private swimming pool. Such a postcard-perfect house can only be further amped by creating play areas for children, a private theatre inside, and a small basketball court.

In India, villas are often found in spaces that have beautiful weather around the year and are closer to a metropolitan city. Many metro cities in India are overpopulated and don’t offer any space to build a Villa. On the other hand, due to the rise in smart cities in India, many of them such as Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, New Bombay, and Pune offer great space at comparable prices to own a villa.

Luxurious Independent Houses/Homes

If you love the grandeur of a villa but are running on a tight budget, an independent home can be a good solution to your problem. Independent houses have been a staple for smaller cities but now they are getting a new treatment with luxury interiors and amenities. Many places in India have large spaces that are around 2000 square feet on an average that accommodates a house structure with a small garden and a backyard. This luxury haven serves as a great investment for NRIs that are looking at comfortable living for their parents or seeking a getaway home in India.

Comparatively, an independent house has its benefit of remodelling and decorating the exteriors along with the interiors as per your choice. The selection of amenities and the usage of space are under your consideration if you plan to build it from the ground up. Many developers in India are designed as per most requisites. Radvi’s team is acclimated to every city in India to get you the best deal for purchasing an Independent House.

What Makes an Independent House Beneficial

Owning an independent house in India can be a great investment to get the best of a villa and an apartment. Having luxurious amenities inside similar to a villa but without the maintenance cost that goes with the latter is a great benefit of an independent house. Such luxury housing is generally developed in the plush locality by developers who offer connectivity to most common amenities. Houses provide you with a secluded space and a small exterior space that can be designed as per your ideas. Independent Houses bought at hill stations can serve as a rental income for you when you aren’t using the property.

Luxurious Apartments

Luxurious properties have always been a traditional real estate investment in India but off late the developers are transitioning into selling luxurious apartments. Consider it as a way to use smaller ground space but still offer comfort in the skies. Many developers are building spacious homes with latest amenities such as private elevators, centralized cooling and heating, health centres, swimming pool area, indoor theatres, and even helipads. Each of these amenities can be a daunting task to maintain if you own a villa or a house. If you are looking at easy maintenance, especially when you aren’t physically present, investing in luxurious apartments makes sense.

Why Go for a Luxury Apartment?

For starters, if you are someone who is looking to not compromise on luxury but would like to invest in major metro cities of India, apartments are the way to go. These apartments can be priced comparable to villas or houses in two-tier cities but offer state-of-the-art amenities and even smart housing that runs on your fingertips. Another advantage of investing in luxury apartments is the income you can earn out of it. It is easy to rent out apartments over individual houses in India and can have great resale value if you need to sell off the property. Plus the influx of luxury property builders has made it easier for you to invest in with options to pay lesser in an under-development property. We at Radvi offer the best-on-ground team that can help you choose the apartment of your dreams.

Luxury Villas vs Houses vs Apartments

Villas Houses Apartments
1. Usually bigger than a house. It comprises of luxurious features apart from basic amenities. 1. Accommodates all basic necessities and may or may not have luxurious features. 1. Has basic necessities with added luxurious features as per the builder.
2. It is a complete private facility with no walls shared. 2. It may or may not share a wall with other houses in the neighbourhood.  2. It shares a wall with the adjoining apartment.
3. It will house a private pool with a seating area. 3.It will not have the space for a private pool. 3. It will have a common play area and a common swimming pool.
4. Spacious for sprawling gardens, vineyards, and a lawn. 4. Can have a small garden area and a backyard. 4.It may have a balcony space to grow potted plants.
5. Includes a garage that can house multiple vehicles.  5. May or may not have a private garage. In comparison, the garage will be smaller.  5. Will have a single parking space allotted per apartment.
6. Requires more land area and overall cost of building and maintenance is higher.  6.Requires lesser land area and lesser build and maintenance cost.  6. Requires no land area, but the maintenance cost may vary as per the facilities provided.

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Luxury Properties

There are a lot of elements one should consider while purchasing a luxury property in India –

Your dream luxury home must have all the latest amenities along with the strategic geographical location. The convenience of being near to the roadways, railways, and airways connecting to major locations is pretty important if you are always on the run. Also, the city that you plan to invest in should go with your lifestyle, for example, if you are someone who likes a place to relax and party at the same time, Goa or Bangalore will suit you.

Any deal you do while purchasing an apartment must come with the proper paperwork that includes the agreement of purchase, the previous owner details, legalities of the developer, Ownership Certificate, and other legal documents that come with an investment.

Purchasing a luxury villa, house, or an apartment is one thing, and maintaining is another. Find out how much cost will you incur in maintaining the property on a monthly or annual basis. This cost is a recurring one and should be considered as an important aspect of your investment.

Amenities and services differ as per the type of property you purchase. For villas, you will have to check if there is an additional need for installing a security system or it comes in the purchasing cost. For independent houses and apartments, it is important to find out if there is a parking space allotted and if yes, does it cost extra? You will also need to research the other amenities such as a gym, mini-theatre, pool area, and more.

Another aspect to consider is the price of interior decoration and exterior designing for your villa, house, or apartment. Try to look for places that more or less has interiors or structure that best fit your dream. Ensure that you have a budget for the same before purchasing a property.

The Best Places to Buy Luxury Villas, Houses, and Apartments in India

Many factors are associated when it comes to purchasing a villa. To begin with, you need to first zero down on a location that suits your requirement and fits your budget. Radvi has a national reach when it comes to India with local connections that can help you purchase your dream villa. Such a network of top service providers makes us the best luxury villas/houses/homes builder in India. The following places offer a great deal for villas –

Even though Goa is now a mainstream popular tourist location, it has a rapidly developing real estate market. The infrastructural growth due to tourism and the influx of money from property developers has led to the rise in the sheer number of luxurious properties in the region. The exteriors of Panjim towards the South Goa and the busy beaches of North Goa have newly developed villas built at scenic locales and loaded with luxurious amenities. The region is quite a happening place throughout the year and offers good value for money. If you are a beachhead that adores a skyline full of coconut trees and is not afraid of getting a tan, this is one of the most beautiful places in India to own a house.

The second-most rapidly developing city in the state of Tamil Nadu is a definite choice for villa lovers. It offers a cleaner environment and a pleasant climate throughout the year to make it one of the top choices for property investment. Compared to its state counterpart Chennai, Coimbatore has lesser pollution and a booming market that can get you a great deal at an affordable price. The suburbs of the city are going through a huge real estate boom with top builders offering spaces with latest amenities. The well-connected outskirts of the city provide a great space for properties that are cradled in nature’s lap so you can enjoy the rolling mountains and hills in high definition.

Owing to the infrastructure development in the city and the IT boom in recent years, Hyderabad has witnessed considerable growth in its real estate business. The city has emerged as one of the most attractive real estate destinations of the country. With better connectivity between the suburbs and pleasant weather for most times of the year, it is a city that you must ponder to invest in. Places such as Banjara hills and V. Nallagandla have villas and houses built with luxurious amenities and great neighbourhood while the downtown region offers skyscrapers with luxurious apartments.

Yes, even though Chennai is the oldest of the top 4 cities in the country, it still has a huge space for real estate investment. The luxury property market is opening up in the city with many clusters of real estate properties springing up in the nearby locales. Spaces such as Avadi and Korattur have the potential to turn into a great investment if you ever wish to sell your property in the coming years. Although the weather in Chennai can be hot during the summers, the other seasons offer a comfortable living especially inside the arms of a luxurious home.

Bangalore was one of the major cities to achieve success due to the IT boom in the country. The beautiful city in Southern India is bustling with technological parks and a happening nightlife. If you are looking to invest in a property that is located in a place where you can enjoy a youthful lifestyle, Bangalore is the place for investment. Many real estate giants have developed villas, houses, and apartments that can appeal you with their contemporary architecture and the latest amenities.

Pune saw a rapid rise in IT companies and owing to the growth, a rapid rise in the real estate market. Due to its proximity to Mumbai and much favourable weather due to its strategic location, luxurious property lovers can get the best deal out of this city. Pune is closer to spaces such as Lonavala and Khandala, which are also great for purchasing villas that can be used as a vacation home or rented to individuals for a handsome sum of money. The city has wide connectivity and is expanding rapidly with newer suburbs sprawling on the outskirts. Luxurious villas, houses, and apartments with green designs are one of the most sought-after homes by investors here.

The National Capital Region (NCR) comes with several lavish pockets that are closer to the capital city of India. The suburbs that are farther away from the city are the most developing ones and offer luxurious spaces at a much affordable price. The Gurugram area has several projects by leading developers that go synonymous with the word luxury. Being close to the Northern region, it offers great connectivity if you wish to visit regions such as Srinagar, Dalhousie, Dharamsala, and more.