Architectural Design

Building your dream home: We’re Luxury Architects You can Trust

Once you have bought a plot to build a luxury home, the next step is to prepare the right layout to develop it. The entire process requires intricate planning since the exterior of your house is your first impression on your guests. Depending on what you are building, a villa, an independent house, a commercial space or apartment, you will have to go through ground plans, conceptual designs and hire contractors to ultimately build it.

Before the building process, you will need an architect to come up with a blueprint. The blueprint will cover all information such as space utilisation, access points, water and electricity connection, landscaping plan, security layout and swimming pool design. This information forms the basis of your building before you pick a design style that suits your personality and idea. Whether you decide to go for a modern architectural style or want to use a Contemporary design, you will need a professional architect who can understand your requirement.

This is where Radvi comes into the picture. We are the best architects in India with multifaceted services that include top-level architects with vast experience, sound knowledge of the trending market and mastery over various design styles. We help you through the entire process of planning, preparation of blueprint and execute the design with our professional builders and contractors while staying within your budget.

Why are We the Best Architects in India for You?

Radvi’s comprehensive solution for NRIs looking to build a house in India makes us the best architects in the business. Our team includes top architects of India who have the experience to utilise your space in the best possible way without compromising on the appeal and design style of the house.

Vast Experience

Our team’s 30-plus years of experience say a lot for itself and make us a cut above the norm. Our proficiency lies in providing an all-round solution for building a house or a commercial property from scratch. We help plan the space keeping your vision in mind and offer styling ideas that best fit your budget. Radvi’s architects and designers have worked on numerous prestigious projects combining state-of-the-art technology and impressive designs.

Local Knowledge

Every area has its speciality such as type of local wood and materials that can accentuate the exterior look. Also, it is important to know the right suppliers that can provide the building materials at a decent price. Such knowledge is only available if you have local experts working on your project. Our team varies from city to city so that you get the best local team working on your house’s architectural design.

Budget Flexibility

Architects require a lot of details such as space management, construction, exterior painting, pipelining and electrical connection. All these aspects can get costly if they aren’t planned at the beginning. Our top architects have the experience to help you get all these aspects without burning a hole in your pocket. Our designers and construction partners are also involved to provide you with alternative cost-effective ideas that go well with your vision of a perfect house.

Track Record

Over the years, we have provided architectural designs for many clients that catered to different sizes and types of houses. We are proud of the fact that all the work was achieved in record time and under the client’s budget. Our team of best architects in India have helped clients build some beautiful houses whose value has skyrocketed over time.

Elements of Architectural Designing

Architectural designing can be termed as the concept that is developed by focusing on components or elements of a structure. Our architects have the experience to prepare a schematic design and then work closely with the contractor/builder. The following are the key elements we involve when our architects work for you.


One of the key elements to consider during architectural designing is the space that is available to build the house. The design must be laid out to enclose undefined space to serve a definite purpose. We consider space as the primary element to start with to strike the right balance of exterior landscape and swimming pool.


Architectural design is often developed based on lines since it defines the shape, form and volume of any blueprint solution. Lines are also effective in creating a sense of rhythm and flow within the design. It helps to unify all the elements while providing various design styles.


Colour provides an aesthetic appeal to the exterior and a wide array of potential effects. Colours tell a lot about your personality since it can provide a character to your house by accentuating the form and create a defining division of all the materials used. You can say that colours are the best way to convey the intended spirit of your architectural design. The choices are endless with warm colours stimulating and uplifting the senses while cool colours providing calmness to the senses of your guests.

Shape and Mass

Every architectural design requires a shape element to represent the form of the house on paper. It is the silhouette or basic form that invokes an emotional response in the viewer. Once the design is approved, we lay out the basic form of the house in a three-dimensional aspect. This particular representation is known as Mass.

Texture and Pattern

The exterior design of your house can be formed with several elements including texture. It is the design element that defines the surface appearance of the house. Architecturally, the texture is either visual or tactile. You can use various surface variations such as smooth, rough, soft, etc. to add style to your house. Similarly, using patterns add a dynamic appeal to the exterior and create smooth transitions between various elements.

Architectural Design – Style Guide

There numerous styles in which you can design the exterior of your villa, home or building. These can be a combination of simple elements or can be an amalgamation of multiple elements from various styles to create something unique. Few of the styles that are popular and trending in India are –

The 20th-century architectural designs gave birth to many styles such as Futurism, Post-modern and New Classical. Modern architectural design is more of blanket terms that cover these styles.  In these styles, the forms are intended to be free of unnecessary details while keeping the elements simple. The materials used can also be exposed to provide an appeal to the building. These designs will often use glass, natural light and interactive interior space.

With the 15th century’s artistic revolution, the renaissance sense of style also appeared in architectural designs. These designs reflect elegance while displaying harmony, clarity and strength. If you like classical arches and domes with Roman elements and a large courtyard, the renaissance is the style that suits you best.

The mid to late 19th Century was the Victorian era where many architectural design styles were blended. Many famous styles including Gothic Revival, Romanesque and Tudor were built with elements influenced by Asian and Middle East structures. Popular in the United Kingdom, the bright coloured, sash windows bearing a multi-story building is one of the most trending styles in India.

One of the key features that define Bauhaus over other styles is its functional design that uses minimal elements. This architectural design style uses flat roofs, cubic shapes and angles. The colours used are primary ones such as red, blue and yellow. The open floor plans with glass curtain walls give it a highly simplistic yet elegant look. This design was a product of the first design school in the world during the onset of the 20th century.

Art Deco remains one of the most popular styles worldwide since its emergence. The design blends modern, handcrafted and luxurious elements to portray a symbol of technological progress. The style also defines materials used such as reinforced concrete to give your house a splendid look and feel. Although the style is not so popular in India, it can be a great design to build an impressive house that stands apart from the rest.

A gothic architectural style uses vertical elements that provide a majestic feel to the structure by drawing the eye upwards. Originally a style used for churches and cathedrals, it’s a style that is getting popular amongst villa owners. They have classically styled elements, vaulted ceilings with airy exteriors.

This architectural style was developed in England during the medieval period. It can be recognised with its Four-Centred Arch and timber-framed houses. Modern-day Tudor homes utilise the style elements, leaving a bit of exposed brick, stucco or ornate half timbers from the exteriors.

Originating in Tuscany, this style of building uses materials such as stone, wood, wrought iron and tile. Its design has a mix of rustic elements and Mediterranean elements with clean lines and designs. One of the advantages of using this style in India is that you have the freedom to use locally available materials in the formation of the wall and foundations.

This is one of the architectural styles that originated in India. These houses are long with wide verandas and a dropping attic. The roof is tiled and the exterior has lesser elements but a glad look to it. Bungalow design got popular in America during that time and is still one of the most used architectural styles.

This is arguably one of the most unique and different architectural styles that questions the precepts and process of design. It uses nonlinear dynamics by deconstructing the other styles using philosophical analysis. This design is one of the toughest one to accommodate the basic house layout but can be an appealing structure if built wisely.