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Building a Beautiful Garden: We’re a Garden Designers You can Trust

Landscaping a garden is an art that blends creativity with natural resources. There are various ways you can redefine your exterior to complement your luxurious villa, home, or apartment building. According to space and the budget available at your disposal, you can create garden and landscape features such as walkways, patios, fountains and more.

Designing a landscape garden might feel easy but it is not a simple task. There are many things to consider, right from planning the area for each feature, selecting the right soil, choosing the right plant as per the weather conditions, and designing a particular style for the garden. This is where you require the assistance of professionals such as Radvi. We are the best garden designers in India with a team of horticulture and gardening experts that have a vast experience in selecting and planning a beautiful garden landscape for luxurious homes.

Why are We the Best Garden Designers for You?

We at Radvi believe that the value of your house is accentuated by the looks of your exterior.

Vast Experience

Our team’s 30-plus years of experience says a lot for itself and makes us a cut above the norm. Such an experience helps us in choosing the right style for your garden that matches your interiors and your personality. We start with providing various styles as per the area available including contemporary, Japanese-style, modern, and tropical garden layouts. Once you zero in the style, the team will plan the other features such as patios, walkways, and swimming pool. The building process starts only after you are satisfied with the plan.

Local Knowledge

An important aspect to landscape garden design is the type of flora and fauna that you choose. This will depend on the weather in the city that your house is in. Our local knowledge fits perfectly in understanding these requirements. Additionally, the local connections and associations help in getting the necessary permissions and paperwork that might be required in building a garden and swimming pool.

Budget Flexibility

Luxury is an inseparable feature of any villa or a house but at the same time, you might have a budget segregated for the exteriors. Radvi works within your budget to provide ideas and alternatives to ensure that you are not compromising on your dream design. We ensure that the fencing, walkways, outdoor kitchen, garden, fountain, and swimming pool are modelled in a budget-friendly yet creative way to ooze lavishness in every corner.

Track Record

Over the years, we have catered to various exteriors to build various styles of gardens in the spacious areas of villas and even in restricted spaces of an independent house. Our keen eye towards the business has helped individuals rake in a high return on their investment based on both their interior and exterior designs. Also, we ensure that the design that we help build is of low-maintenance nature so you can have a worry-free luxurious stay.

Why Landscaping and Garden Designing?

One of the most opulent features of any villa is its beautiful outdoor area that can be used to create a beautiful garden and add some features to the home. Landscaping is an art that can add aesthetics to any house while improving the natural landscapes that exist at your villa. If you have purchased a luxury villa, you might need garden designing and landscaping to enhance its appeal. Radvi has a team of professional garden designers, horticulture experts, and landscape architects that can help you achieve the exterior of your dreams.

India is known for its diverse climate conditions that can affect the exterior space, the soil quality, and the type of plants and flowers that grow in the region. Being the best garden designers in India, we have experience in building gardens according to the landscape, the region and utilisation of available flora and fauna to avoid additional investment to sustain it.

Features of Landscaping

Landscaping comprises of several elements that help in beautifying the exteriors of your villa or home. A few of the features that are generally found in most landscaping work are –

Gardening is an art and if you have a green thumb yourself, an artistic approach can be taken to design a garden for you. There are many types of garden that one can build, ranging from Japanese designs, Contemporary garden styling, Modern garden designs, Tropical gardens, English cottage-style garden, Mediterranean gardens, and more. You can build a garden depending on your budget and the climatic condition to sustain the flora and fauna.

The walkways leading your guests towards your home can be complimenting your home. Whether you create a pavement from rocks or concrete, you can line its border with coloured bricks, design a floral border, create stairs on slopes, and add pots along the way. Remember, your walkway is the first impression that you will make in the minds of your guest.

The front and back yard can comprise of the garden ideas we discussed above and can also be utilized by building a seating space. Such a relaxing place for the exteriors should be placed around the shade and have a design that goes with the architecture of the house and its interiors as well. You can add pergolas or create a fireplace in the exterior to enhance its beauty. A laidback seating style or a resort-style backyard can be a great way of utilizing outdoor space.

If you love cooking then nothing allures the sense that an outdoor cooking place. You can cut a small space from your exteriors for cooking various things. Apart from a traditional kitchen, you can even create a custom built-in barbecue or pizza ovens.

A patio should be an extension of the luxury that your interior provides. It’s a wider, natural space that is cut out for a luxurious relaxing arrangement in the outdoors. You can opt for a patio that is created from various materials such as concrete, pavers, cobblestone, bricks, and tiles. There are several ways in which you can inculcate a patio inside your front or the back yard.

A swimming pool is one of the most luxurious features that separates a villa from any other independent house. Building a swimming pool is in itself a humongous task and it requires a lot of careful planning to support its structure and work as per the weather of the region. Radvi believes that a swimming pool is an important part of your landscape. Hence we have a separate page dedicated to swimming pool lovers. Dive in here to know more.

If you are into organic farming and plan to grow certain vegetables and fruits in your backyard, you can go for a nicely designed backyard farm. There are certain types of crops that are easily grown in a backyard such as tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, peas, bell peppers, and much more. The possibilities are endless for growing organic food that can suffice the need of your home or even support a small-sized organic business.

Factors to Consider for Landscaping and Gardening

Throwing ideas for landscaping from the internet and performing it practically are two different things. This is why there are a few things that you should keep in mind while planning a landscaping job for your villa.

Well, one of the most common mistakes that villa owners do is bring in custom flora and fauna that are not typically found in their region. Such gardening and landscaping require special care throughout the year. And as NRIs that are creating these spaces as a second home or an investment, the maintenance can be a tad bit too much to ask.

Yes, landscaping designs are based on the ecological principles that require a certain type of soil and its ingredients to thrive. Depending on the salinity and the quality of the soil, you can plan to build a sustainable garden. Also, depending on the area’s land quality, the other features will have to be worked upon as well.

Climatic conditions play a major role in the vegetative growth of your garden and lawn areas. Even though you provide all the necessary care to your exteriors, chances are that the climatic conditions are not suitable for the growth or sustenance of a particular type of plant and flower species. Do a thorough research of the climate and the types of vegetation that thrives in such conditions.

Apart from the climate, you will have to check the quality of the air and the water that is supplied to your villa. That will help you decide the type of plant and flower bed that can sustain in such specific conditions. Remember, selecting a naturally supporting flora and fauna makes your life easier.

A lot many times local cities will be known for a particular type of rock or timber site. Try to use these easily available resources and materials to build your landscape. Also employ recycled materials such as crushed bricks, recycled glass, timber, and more to make your exterior eco-friendly that fits your budget.

An important aspect that many people forget before planning a particular landscape design is getting the permissions for the same from the local authorities. This is highly important if you plan to dig a huge space for swimming pools or carve stairs onto a slope to provide an enhanced look. It’s important because your land might have an underground water pipeline or other cables that might get damaged during the work.