Land Property Consultation

Land – An Unparalleled Asset: We’re a Land Property Consultant You can Trust

If you are not sure what type of real estate property you want to invest in or have a limited budget, purchasing a piece of land can be a good deal for you. There are numerous advantages of purchasing your land since it is one of the rare assets whose value doesn’t go down. You can even build a villa, an independent house, an apartment building, or a commercial building on the plot as and when you have the budget. Purchasing land at a time when prices are low can help you get through the first step of a real estate investment.

Land purchasing can be a complicated game since it requires a lot of research and study. Especially if you are staying abroad and planning to purchase a property in India, you will have to figure out the market, find out the actual value of the land, research how well will it grow shortly, and even ensure that the paperwork is completely legal. This is where professionals such as Radvi come into the picture. We have a highly experienced team that can help you purchase a plot that will not only fit your budget but offer you a higher return in value in the future.

Why are We the Best Land Property Consultants for You?

Land purchasing requires a certain amount of trust and we believe that our team has the right mix of experience and knowledge to help you with the same. The following are a few key features that make us the best land property consultants in India.

Vast Experience

Our team’s 30-plus years of experience says a lot for itself and makes us a cut above the norm. We cover all the key areas that are involved in real estate purchase and development. We can help you with purchasing land and even assist you in developing a luxurious property on it. You can opt for land right now that can be fenced and maintained for a future resale or property building.

Local Knowledge

It is important to know localities when you are purchasing a land. These types of real estate are generally in developing areas of the city and require much detailed research over a ready-for-possession property. Our local experts have the right idea of the market and even the required associations that can help you with the legal paperwork involved in the process.

Budget Flexibility

Radvi values your investment and no matter what your budget is, we will help you to get the best value for the price. We try to balance between the market growth in a particular area and your budget in such a way that your plan to build a property on the plot doesn’t go overboard in the future. Managing funds and getting things done promptly is one of our special abilities.

Track Record

Over the years, we have helped several clients to get land property in various parts of India. We have worked with various clients with varying budgets and still figured plots that have been fruitful for their investment. Our experience has helped them achieve over a hundred times the return on their investment.

Factors to Consider for Purchasing Land

Purchasing land offers a lucrative deal due to higher long-term returns and better appreciation. The structural construction is often adjusted as per the price of the land. The following are a few points to keep in mind while purchasing a land.

Location is a critical factor for purchasing land. As per your budget, you might go for a cheaper option that might be far off from the city. The idea is to have a plot that fits your budget but also has proximity to transportation means such as roadways and railways. Another factor to consider is whether the area is completely residential or commercial depending on what your plan is. The price might also vary if the plot is near a landmark site.

The type of soil, weather, groundwater level, the height of land from sea level, and much more are few factors you should take into account. For example, if you plan to build an apartment building, you might require a sturdy plot than a rocky terrain or land with weak soil. If you plan to have a swimming pool area and get landscaping done in the future, the land should be able to support the flora and fauna of your choice.

Before zeroing on land, you need to confirm with local authorities or government bodies if the land you purchase has any restrictions or reservations. Many lands are only available for a certain type of real estate use and if you aren’t sure of the property you will build, go through the fine print and find a flexible plot.

Benefits of Purchasing a Land

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a land property is the fact that it costs the least amongst other types of real estate. When you are living abroad, chances are you might not have a large sum to purchase or build a house right away. But it can be a good idea to invest in a piece of land where you can later build a dream house. With minimal investment, you will be securing a base for your future second or vacation home.

An empty plot is like a blank canvas that can be painted the way you wish to. When you purchase land over a readymade property, you are keeping yourself open to building any type of property in the future depending on your budget and requirements. And if you do find the market right, you can resale the plot for a better return on your investment.

Another advantage of land property is the fact that it doesn’t require any special permissions or a set of high-cost maintenance. Your investment only requires a regular check and fencing so that your land is secure from intruders. Also, the paperwork required for a land property is lesser since there are no additional legalities associated such as water pipeline permissions, gas connection, ground-level test, and more.

The Best Places to Buy Land Property in India

There are many factors associated with the purchase of a land property including the city to invest and your budget. Radvi’s national-level reach of India with a local team of consultants can help you get the best deal for land property in India. The following few places in India are known to have a good market for a land property –

It is undoubtedly one of the fastest developing cities in India. Since there is a big boom in the local market of the city with newer IT industries cropping up, land value has grown multifold over time. Compared to its state counterpart Chennai, Coimbatore offers much pleasant weather and has a great connectivity network with other suburbs and cities. The downtown area of the city is already populated but the growth is helping spread its wings to the other suburbs. A few suburbs are even located near the rolling mountains and hills to offer a pleasant view, especially if you plan to build a vacation home soon. Interested in Coimbatore? Contact us.

Bangalore is one of the major cities that have achieved success owing to the IT boom in India. The Southern Indian city is known for its busy offices and bustling nightlife. With newer people moving to the city, the value of the real estate is growing at a phenomenal rate. The regions surrounding the city offers a chance to invest in a land property whose value is estimated to rise sharply shortly. Interested in Bangalore? Talk to us.

One of the oldest metro cities in India, Chennai already has a crowded real estate market. But thanks to advancement and expansion, the city limits are further extended towards the adjoining suburbs. Areas around Chennai can be a profitable investment in land especially since these places are bound to grow in the coming years due to saturation in the main city. Plan on purchasing land in Chennai? We can help.

Similar to Bangalore, Hyderabad saw a huge spike in the real estate market due to the influx of IT and entertainment industry. More people are now flocking to the city for work and has increased the demand for expansion of the city. The adjoining regions of Hyderabad can be a great place to purchase land now at a lesser cost to resale or build a home in the future. Planning to check out land properties in Hyderabad? Read more about it here.

Another city that is seeing tremendous growth in the city of Pune. The second major place after Mumbai has become a base for many IT companies. Similar to other cities, there is a large area around the city left for expansion. Due to the increasing demand, the regions and connectivity in Pune are getting better. Another asset of having a plot in Pune is that the famous hill stations, Lonavala and Khandala are an hour’s distance from the city. Reach out to us if you are interested in purchasing a plot in Pune.

The National Capital Region (NCR) came into existence due to the crowding of the capital city, Delhi. The vast expanse of Gurugram area has become a real estate treasure chest. Purchasing land here can be a great plan if you wish to build a lavish home here or even resell it in the future to developers that are changing the face of the region. Another important aspect is the convenience of connectivity to the main city. If you find the NCR region interesting, find out more about it here.