Home Automation

House at Your Fingertips: We’re a Home Automation Expert You can Trust

One of the early transformations in the property sector due to the digital revolution is home automation. It offers a substantial control of almost all the features of the house for your convenience. Whether it is the security of your property or changing the lighting of the interiors, everything can be literally done with the help of a home automation system. Such convenience is a definite addition to any luxurious property. If you have a luxurious villa, house, or an apartment, automating the house can be a great addition to your plush features. Additionally, it can also help commercial property owners to get the best out of their investment.

There are tons of home automation systems available that offer control via the internet using a custom interface, a computer, or smartphone, and even a voice-operated device such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Since the possibilities are endless, you might get confused in selecting the right home automation system. This is where the best home automation experts such as Radvi come into the picture. We have vast experience and knowledge of installing custom home automation systems that are crafted as per the client’s requirements.

Why are We the Best Home Automation Experts for You?

Since the dawn of automated systems, Radvi has been at the forefront of technology, making us the best home automation experts in India. We understand and apply it as home automation systems for our clients.

Vast Experience

Our team’s 30-plus years of experience says a lot for itself and makes us a cut above the norm. Such decades of experience makes us compatible with understanding the client’s requirement when it comes to home automation design. Our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians have the sound knowledge of the current trends and can offer the right advice that justifies every penny that you invest.

Local Knowledge

When it comes to home automation systems, it is important to understand what devices and features are readily available in your area. Chances are that few devices that you require might be unavailable and need someone to build or create something similar for you. Our local technicians have good market know-how regarding the parts and the systems available in their region and can help you get better deals for your system.

Budget Flexibility

Budget plays an important role when it comes to home automation systems. There are tons of options available right from necessities to luxuries. We help you understand each aspect of the system and help you prioritize the most important ones so that you stay within your budget. Our experts also offer an alternative that can help save cost without compromising on your requirements.

Track Record

We have been property builders since over three decades and home automation experts since the past couple of years. Our services have covered every aspect that is required for NRIs to invest in India. Radvi’s team has successfully installed home automation systems in all the latest properties we developed. Such a feature has not only offer convenience but also increased the return on our client’s investment.

Features of a Home Automation System

Depending on your requirements, several aspects can be covered using a Home Automation System. There are several features that you can prioritise and consider for your house.

One of the basic features that are available today is adding intelligent lighting control. Many devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home can connect with smart light panels, bulbs, and fixtures to help you connect them via voice command. Some systems can be used to program the intensity and colour of light inside a room. It can even be pre-programmed for certain functions; for example, a certain area of exterior lights will switch on once night sets in.

Most electronic devices today can connect to the internet and all these connected devices are available to control via the local area network or Wi-Fi. These systems can not only be switched on and off remotely but can also have their features such as the temperature setting on an air conditioner and a cooling setting for the refrigerator controlled. Such automation is a step towards the most popular and upcoming trend of ‘Internet of Things’

If you are living abroad, an important feature to consider is the security of the house. Home Automation Systems today come with many features that allow monitoring the home via remote access. It can be used to check real-time CCTV footages whenever you need. There are smart locks, motion sensors, and alarm systems available that work only as per your secure command.

Depending on the factors of your luxurious villa, house, commercial property, or apartment, you can go for miscellaneous features such as automated sprinkler system for the garden. You can have blinds and curtain controller as well that can be shut or open via remote access. They can also be programmed as per the time of the day.