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We take pride in providing the following services

Land Purchase Consultancy

One of the major components of building a home from the ground up is land acquisition. Radvi offers the right partnership that helps in purchasing a suitable land that matches your requirements and budget. We strive to strategically identify the most suitable land that has various amenities nearby, is well-connected, and has a good future market rate. Also, our local team is proficient in getting all the documentation, clearances, permits, and final title certificates that are required to legally own a piece of land. As we follow through each of these steps, our team will keep you updated with the progress. All you need to do is contact us and share your idea of a luxurious dream villa in India. We will do the rest.
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We know that designing a house is crucially important for people who dream of building their home. Radvi’s has a professional team of designers and architects who are well-versed with designing a variety of buildings as per requirement. If you have seen certain designs online or have an idea in mind, don’t feel shy about sharing it with us. Whether you have a certain belief to plan your house as per Vastu or Feng Shui, we have experts at hand to help you with the same. Our design team will coordinate with you and work tirelessly towards bringing your dream home to paper. The layout of the design will also be checked for permissions with local authorities. Got a design in mind? Share with us.
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Our proficient team comprises experienced contractors that have a sound knowledge of building houses as per the requirement and the budget. The contractors have the right affiliation with the raw material suppliers to get the best deals without compromising on the quality of the building. We ensure that right from the foundation to the roof, the structure of your house stands solid. The durability of the house is tested with various parameters before we give you the possession of the house. The key advantage of having local contractors is that they are available on-site and have the information regarding the local municipality limits, pipelines, and building reservations. Have a plot for us to build? Click here to contact us.
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Property Purchase Consultancy

Building a home can be a time-consuming task and there are chances that your dream house is already built. Radvi excels in providing a comprehensive list of properties that fit your budget and your requirements. Unlike brokers who have an area wise consultancy, we offer nationwide consultancy with the help of our local team. We aim to get you a property that not only suits your requirements but will also suggest you if it will be worth investing for the future, is the property in a popular area to fetch a good rental amount and is it close to all the basic amenities. Whether you want to purchase a villa, a house, or an apartment, all you need is to get in touch with us and we will do the needful.
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Interior Design

We believe that an aesthetically designed home environment is a minimum requirement for healthy living. Keeping this in mind, we have expert interior designers at hand that will help you design and develop your newly built home or purchased property. We will take down all your requirements right at the initial stage and keep working with you until we can reproduce your idea of a perfect home. Once done, our contractors will offer their insight into the materials that will be required or suggest alternatives as per your budget. From carpenters to painters, we have an entire team that understands the importance of designing a house. We will also take care of special requests that fit as per your Vastu or Feng Shui requirements. Click here to find out more.
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Purchasing a property sometimes has its benefits as the interior comes done by the previous owner. But if you believe in a design of your own, you might need to re-work on the infrastructure. Radvi offers renovations for properties with the help of a design team and proficient contractors. We ensure that the renovations are not just design based but also take care of the house. Repainting the walls, plastering the ceilings, strengthening the pillars, and waterproofing the house are few of the aspects that we undertake. Our services also extend to complete overhaul of the interiors and redesigning the house by shifting the walls to make more space and match your design ideas. Got an idea to freshen up your house? Contact us.
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Home Automation

In this technological age, Home Automation systems go hand-in-hand to luxury housing. Radvi’s team has the capabilities to build home automation or domotics to convert your home into a smart home. We ensure that you get convenience at your fingertips as we connect the functioning of your entire house via voice and app command. You will be able to control the thermostat to control the air conditioning, automate the light system, and switch on the sprinklers for your garden, and even monitor the alarm system and security cameras remotely. Such access to comfort is a possibility, all you need to do is click here and let us create a smart home for you.
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If you have built or purchased a luxurious villa, its exteriors must compliment the comfort that lies inside. Landscaping amplifies the value of your house with the help of right lighting, a deck, a garden, a flowerbed, patios, and much more. Depending on the available space, you can build the flora and fauna that reflects your personality.

Radvi has an excellent landscaping team that knows how to convert a drab looking plot into a brilliant outdoors. We have plant experts that will suggest you with the right ornamental plants and help select flowers that will add beauty to your garden. Our terrain experts will make sure that the plot is graded perfectly for a garden or is levelled for creating a terrace or patio. The structural in-charge from our team will help in constructing fences, walls, raised planters, or custom features as per your requirement. Click here to read more about our landscaping services.

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Swimming Pool

Building a swimming pool in your backyard is the ultimate amenity. It provides a comforting space for the entire family, especially children to have fun. For a few owners, a pool adds an aesthetic value to the landscape. This is why building a swimming pool is not simply blocking a space, tiling it up, and filling water in it.

Our landscape team comprises a swimming pool architect that ensures the design complements the entire landscape. We have sound knowledge of the material that is required to build a sturdy pool along with providing details such as lighting, rock structures, and pipelining. The idea is to provide a pool that stays durable regardless of the rigours of weather and chemically treated water. Find out more about our swimming pool building services here.

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The types of properties we deal in are

    Investing in India is a great idea for numerous reasons and the right way to do is to invest in the luxury segment of the real estate market. The Luxury segment in India is growing steadily and fetches a higher value considering the return on investment. Also, NRIs can benefit from the lower exchange value of the local rupee and still get the benefits that any other local citizen avails from the government.

    Radvi provides India-wide access for purchasing property in various forms. We deal in villas that have a beautiful exterior, a self-sufficient standalone house, or a low-maintenance luxurious apartment coupled with various amenities. With a sound knowledge of the market, a highly experienced local team, and valued partnerships, we ensure that your money is invested in a safe place. Our team will work with you diligently to help you select the villa, house, or apartment that suits your requirement. Know more about such properties.

    If you are looking to invest in something that fetches a good return on investment with a longer locking period, a commercial property in India can be a fruitful investment. You can either lease it out on a long-term basis to shops, offices, or companies with a definite price. If you are planning to open a business in India, purchasing a commercial property can be helpful considering it will be a home for your business as well as offer some tax relief.

    We help you identify the areas that are making progress as well as the ones that already have a market value. As per your budget and requirement, we suggest the commercial property. Our estimated future price and our impeccable market research help us to serve you better. Considering purchasing a commercial property? Contact us now.

    Purchasing land has several benefits to purchasing readymade properties. Firstly, land comes at a much cheaper rate than a fully-developed property. Also, it helps individuals to build a house as per their requirement instead of trying to adjust in the already created design. Plus, purchasing land at a lesser price today doesn’t necessarily mean you need to build something on it right away. You can keep the land for resale when the market is right or build a home slowly as per your budget.

    Radvi has a large network that helps in identifying key plot areas that have a great future value. Apart from the quality of land, we also help in researching the area’s prominence, connectivity, environmental changes, and the restrictions for building a house on it. Our team also has the right local affiliations that help in getting all the paperwork done in your name.Talk to us to find out more.