Buy Properties in Hyderabad, the City of Pearls!

A Brief Guide to Hyderabad

Area 650 Sq. Km.
Population 6,809,970
Average Temperature Range 20 degrees C to 32 degrees C
Airport Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Railway Secunderabad Railway Station, Hyderabad Deccan Station, Kacheguda Railway Station, Begumpet Railway Station, Malkajgiri Railway Station and Lingampally Railway Station
Official Language Telugu, Urdu
Economy Service Sector, IT/BPO, Automotive Sector, Healthcare

Hyderabad, known as the City of Pearls, is the capital city of Telangana. The city is considered to be one of the top cities for real estate investments not just because of the safe and heritage-rich environment but also because of its growing infrastructure development. The city is also consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in. Since the city’s infrastructure is currently undergoing massive developments, this is the right time to invest in both commercial and residential properties. The variety of affordable real estate options that is available currently is sure to provide excellent value for money.

Hyderabad provides excellent investment opportunities for both residential and commercial properties. The city’s IT and service infrastructure is growing at a rapid pace with the influx of both national and global-level investments. Therefore, there is an opportunity for investors to buy cheap and get excellent profits while selling. You also don’t need to worry about holding the property without any returns because there is an ever-growing demand for both residential and commercial properties. Hyderabad is also well-connected to other states and is a hub for interstate transportation.

Reasons to choose Hyderabad for your Real Estate Investment

The Hyderabad real estate market is a fast-growing market with a high annual absorption rate. There were over 60,000 apartments that were built across the city between January and November 2021. Therefore, this is the right time to invest in this growing ‘IT-Pharma’ market. The following are several reasons why you need to choose Hyderabad as your next real estate investment.

Cheap Real-Estate Market
When compared to other cities in India, the Hyderabad real estate market has lower prices. This is partly because of the formation of the new state of Telangana and partly because the city is currently in the growth phase. Since the city is getting both local and global investment, the property values are on the rise. Many real estate pundits have determined that the market is currently undervalued and is set to rise sharply in the next few years. This makes it an enticing opportunity to gain excellent returns on your real estate investment.
Infrastructural Development
In the last five years, there have been a lot of infrastructural growth and development projects. The city government is also investing in the development of better facilities in the transportation infrastructure to make the city more travel-friendly. There have also been several developments that are aimed at making Hyderabad a smart city. These technological and infrastructural improvements will help boost the real estate value of any residential or commercial property that you purchase. In addition, several IT giants have started to open their branches in Hyderabad.
Low Vacancy Rates
When investing in a growing real estate market, it is important to research the stability of the market. This is because you might need to hold on to the investment till you reach the desired profit. Hyderabad has historically had the lowest vacancy rate in India. With the stable political climate and the IT/Service industry, the residential and commercial properties have always been fast-moving in the city. So, you don’t have to worry about instability while you hold your property.
Hyderabad is rated as one of the safest cities in India. The city has over 6 lakh CCTV cameras and has several facilities that ensure the safety of the people. The Hyderabad police force has also introduced several initiatives for women safety like the ‘She’ initiative. In addition, reports suggest that the crime rate has been declining for the last five years. The city’s technological infrastructure also enhances the safety of properties. So, you can rest assured that your property will be safe.
Hyderabad’s strategic location connects it to several metropolitan cities in the South of India. The city provides access to several industrial hubs and travel destinations. In addition, the city is also well-connected internally through both roadways and railways. The new Metro Rail system has improved the transportation infrastructure of the city and provides multi-modal connectivity options for the residents of the city. The city also has an Airport, which makes both regional and global travel much more accessible.
Tax Benefits
Telangana offers superior tax benefits to real estate investors. Most recently, the state offered tax discounts for residential investments for Diwali. The government also provides tax rebates to homeowners. These tax benefits are aimed at attracting real estate investors to invest in the city. This helps you save on your property maintenance costs in the long run.

How can Radvi Help you Purchase your Dream Real Estate Property?

Radvi is a real estate and property consultant that was started by a group of NRIs with the goal of providing excellent benefits to both Indian residents and NRIs looking to invest in the country. We have a proven track record in the real estate sector and provide several advantages to our clients. They are as follows

We have over 30 years of experience in the field of real estate and property consultation field. Our expert team can provide a wide range of services ranging from real-estate consultation to property renovation services. Our service portfolio includes 1. Land Purchase Consultancy 2. Architectural Support 3. Interior Design Services 4. Property Building Services 5. Property Purchase Consultancy 6. Property Renovations 7. Landscaping 8. Swimming Pool Construction
Local Area Information
Unlike other national-level real estate agencies, we recruit local area experts who have extensive knowledge about the Hyderabad locality. This is extremely beneficial for NRIs who have little to no knowledge about the city. Our intricate knowledge about Hyderabad helps us provide excellent real estate advice that is tailored to the customer needs. In addition, our knowledge of local laws and procedures helps us provide a faster service than most of our competitors.
Our team knows that not all people would be having the same real-estate budget. That’s why we make sure to learn about our clients’ needs and budgets before starting our property research. We provide customized real-estate investment options that are tailored for your budgets and needs. Our ability to offer affordable real-estate investments is one of the main reasons why we have become the No.1 option for customers from all walks of life.
Excellent Support
Our team ensures that all our clients are treated as VIPs. We provide dedicated and personalized customer support to make sure that you are always appraised of what’s happening with your real estate project. We also provide weekly or monthly reports for our NRI clients to help them understand the current state of their project. We also offer 24/7 mail and call support to all our customers. So, you can rest assured that all your questions will be answered immediately.

Best Spots to Invest in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a city that is filled with excellent investment opportunities. Therefore, it is important to learn about the best spots to invest in the city to maximise your profits. This section will look at some of the best localities that you can invest in the city of Hyderabad. 

This locality is getting a major facelift since there are several development projects aimed at improving the public infrastructure of the region. There are also three major roadways projects that are currently underway and these roads will connect the region to major metropolitan areas. Therefore, this is the perfect time to start investing in Manikonda.
Kukatpally is a major residential area that has several smart city infrastructures like electric vehicle charging stations and smart parking facilities. The region is also connected to several industrial and IT hubs, which makes it one of the fast-growing regions of the city. In addition, there are flyovers and other projects that have been developed to increase the connectivity and livability of Kukatpally.
Gachibowli is a developing residential area that is located in close proximity to Hitec City, a well-known IT hub in Hyderabad. With several residential and commercial projects under development, this locality is set to grow exponentially in the next few years. Therefore, this is the right time to invest in Gachibowli.
Located in northwest Hyderabad, Miyapur is a residential region that is growing fast due to the development of the phase 1 Hyderabad metro. The location has a low vacancy rate as it also offers excellent connectivity to several key IT parks. In addition, the location is well-known for its affordable property options.
Located in the North of the city, Bachupally offers low-cost residential properties. The location’s USP is its connectivity to key industrial and IT hubs in the city. There are also several amenities like schools, colleges, hospitals, etc., that are available to the residents. This makes Bachupally a fast-growing real estate hub.
Kondapur is located in the western part of Hyderabad and is a well-known residential hub. Located in the middle of Gachibowli and HITEC City, the region is emerging as the residential choice for IT professionals. There are also several smart planning options that have been planned in the region to enhance the livability of the region.
This is a real-estate hotspot because of the natural and picturesque surroundings. The region also has the lake of Gandipet, which enhances the location. There are several gated properties and high-rises available for the residents. If you are looking for a scenic place to relax, then Narsingi is a perfect choice.
Tellapur is a fast-growing residential locality that is gaining popularity because of its excellent landscapes and good weather. It is also important to note that several IT companies like Infosys, Wipro and Microsoft have their offices near the region. This makes this locality a smart and lucrative investment option for both Indians and NRIs.
Pragathi Nagar
Located in the outskirts of Greater Hyderabad, Pragathi Nagar is located near Kukatpally, Nizampet, Hafeezpet and Kothaguda. The location houses several schools and colleges including the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU). It also provides access to several entertainment areas. This makes Pragathi Nagar a perfect option for long-term investment.
Rajendra Nagar
This is a locality that is currently on the rise and has seen significant demand in recent years because of recent transportation and connectivity improvements. There are also several well-known educational institutions and shopping malls located in the region. Since the area is well-connected with business districts like Hitech City, Begumpet, and Banjara Hills, the property values are always increasing gradually.
This is an upscale locality that is well-known for providing high returns for property investments. There are several schools, universities, malls, hotels and hospitals located in the region, which makes it a perfect investment opportunity for NRIs who are looking for low-cost high-value investments. Since the location is urbanizing at a rapid pace, this is the perfect time to invest in Nacharam.
Located in the North of Hyderabad, this rapidly-developing residential property that houses commercial centres, schools, restaurants and banks. Kompally’s lush greenery provides a scenic view for the residents and is also famous for its vineyards and farmhouses. Many real estate agencies are forecasting rapid growth in property values for Kompally because of the infrastructure projects that are planned.
Located in western Hyderabad, Shankarpalli is attracting new investment because of its superior infrastructure. The region is easily accessible from various other localities in Hyderabad city and also has several schools and colleges including IIT Hyderabad, Indus International School, ZP High School, St. George College of Education and Global Indian International School. For NRI investors, Shankarpalli can be seen as a risk-free investment option.
Adibatla is an emerging IT hub in Hyderabad that is several IT and industrial park development projects have been proposed. The region is also surrounded by posh residential areas like Balapur, Maheshwaram, Vanasthalipuram, Saroor Nagar, etc. The influx of MNC and IT investment has also boosted the residential investment in the region. So, it is important to consider Adibatla, when you are looking for fast-growing real-estate investment options.
This is a region that is located in close proximity to Secunderabad railway station. The region is also connected to other regions of Hyderabad through the metro rail. There are new residential projects that have been scheduled for development in the region. So, the property prices could surge in the upcoming years.