Coimbatore Land Purchasing

Land for purchase in Coimbatore

Investing in a land

Since things look promising for India’s real estate market, investing in a property in your home country makes sense. You can benefit from purchasing various types of properties depending on your budget and requirement. But if you are on a tight budget and still want to get the most out of the real estate market, you can purchase land. Coimbatore is a great example of a developed city that has many newer suburbs mushrooming. Thus, purchasing land here can be a beneficial investment plan.

Ideas that make purchasing land so alluring

An empty land comes at a lower cost but has a high demand. You can simply choose to keep it for now and sell it later at a higher cost or can build a house, villa, apartment building, or commercial property on it. Purchasing a land provides you with flexibility and opportunity to plan your investments over a long term period. This way you have the power to build what you want, when you want, and how you want.

What is essential for purchasing a land?

If you wish to purchase a land in Coimbatore, make sure that you go through the following list –

If you have a specific future plan for the land you plan to purchase, then location matters a lot. Depending on the nature of the building you will construct, you will have to check for an appropriate location. For those interested in building homes will need a suburb that has more residential features over commercial one and vice versa.

Any real estate agreement requires a handful of paperwork that you should go through thoroughly and ensure that the name transfer and ownership agreements meet the requirements of the local authority.

Even though purchasing land is a low maintenance investment compared to a readymade property, find out how much you will need to shell out to keep the land in good condition. This includes the maintenance, security, and fencing cost.

Before purchasing the land, research about the other plots that surround your property. Also, find out whether you will get the permission of the specific type of property you have in mind. Go through the rules and regulations thoroughly before you purchase the land.

Where do we come in the picture?

If you are looking to purchase a land in Coimbatore, you need professionals that become partners in your dreams. We are not any real-estate agency, but experts who have the right knowledge and experience to help you get through all the stages of purchasing a land and building on it. Partnering with us will serve you many benefits such as –

30+ Years of Experience

Experience is the single greatest tool that helps us set apart from the rest. We have created a strong foundation in the past 30-plus years at every stage of real investment and building. Our experience includes helping clients to purchase villas, homes, houses, and land that suits their budget and requirements along with redesigning the interiors in the most effective way.

Local Knowledge

Our key experience that you should consider while selecting a real estate service provider is the knowledge of Coimbatore. Unlike national level portals, we have a team of locals who have an intricate knowledge of the NRI investment market, have a familiarity of the region, and the understanding of right paperwork with the necessary contacts to make every step a smooth process.

Track Record

Our projects have grown over the years, giving us an excellent track record. Our keen eye towards the business has helped investors gain over 100 times the return on their investment.

Budget Flexibility

Every customer’s requirement is our top priority and hence our services include an array of property types. There is no such thing as very little or way too much for us. So, instead of offering you endearing generic images, we try to understand your preferences, expectations and your budget. This information along with our unparalleled market study enables us to help you purchase, design, and build a property that fits in your budget.

The best areas for land properties in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is a booming city and the regions around it are growing at a rapid rate. Currently, it serves as one of the best areas in India to invest and see its price soar. Purchasing a land as an investment is a great start for those who have little money but want to kick start investment in the city. Here are a few areas that can offer a good spot to purchase one.

This western suburb of Coimbatore district lies very close to the Kerala border. The weather in the area is pleasant and there is a scope for a lot of development in the real estate sector. Since it is less populated, there is ample land available for purchase at a cheaper rate.
Situated in the north-east of Coimbatore city, Annur is another place to purchase land. The suburb is known for many luxurious and spacious villas and still has a lot of land up for purchase. Its geographic location helps it to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the main city.
It is one of the fasted growing suburbs in Coimbatore and a popular pilgrimage destination in the Kongunadu region. The town has rich cultural heritage and is touted to become a satellite town around the Coimbatore city. All these factors make it a great place to invest in land for building a house in the future or get a good resale value in the coming years.
Being a quiet suburb in Coimbatore, Chettipalayam is well connected by road and railways too. The place is a major tourist attraction and is home to Kari Motor Speedway, the LOTUS (Light of Truth Universal Shrine) and the Coimbatore Golf Club. The suburb has a huge scope of development in real estate sector.
This suburb offers a windy climate round the year and a beautiful landscape of windmills. The suburb is a little far from the main city area but is well-connected via railways and roadways.
The fact that it’s one of the fastest growing neighbourhood, Chinniampalayam is also favoured by its location that hosts the Coimbatore International Airport on its outskirts.
This township is a part of the Coimbatore city and has been touted as Little Ooty due to its climate and serene landscape. Such weather makes it a great place to visit and makes a perfect vacation home. It offers many educational facilities and is a popular residential hub.
This western region suburb has a favourable climate and well-developed surroundings. It has good accessibility by road since it’s close to the Palakkad Main road. There are several colleges in this region, industrial areas, and also children’s park that makes it an all-round developing suburb.
This area comprises of mostly residential places and can be a great site to build upon. Lying in the Western region, it has a favourable climate throughout the year. Since it isn’t as developed as the other places, it can be a good budget investment.
Another area that falls in the western section is Somayanur. It is not so well-developed and is pretty close to the Ghats. This makes it a perfect place to purchase land to build a home that is away from the hustle and bustle of the main city.
This area can be deemed as well-developed for residential purposes. It has a scenic view since it comprises of the Kurichi Kulam lake. The area has all the basic amenities including a cinema hall. The suburb is close to the Palghat Highway, making it an easily accessible location.
Located in the western suburbs, Dhaliyur lies close to the Western Ghats that offers a pleasant climate round the year. Since it’s a suburb on the rise, purchasing land here can make for a good investment for NRIs.
This suburb is the fastest developing suburb in Coimbatore city and is located to the already established Trichy Road. It is smartly located away from the city and yet is well-connected for easy accessibility.
It is one of the fast-growing western suburbs of Coimbatore that is highly accessible from the main city. It is also home to large textile mills and industries, making it a viable investment for the future.
This locality is situated near Singanallur and is separated from the main city by the Noyyal river flowing in the west, the airport terminal area in the far north, and the railway bridge in the east. It serves as a great location for gated communities and lands for building standalone villas and homes.