Coimbatore Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties in Coimbatore

Plan to start a business in India?

Indian market offers a great platform for booming businesses and is attracting a lot of international companies to set up base in India. You can also take advantage of this growth by starting your own business in India or purchasing a commercial property to rent out. In either case, NRIs can benefit a lot, especially in the rising market of Coimbatore. The city has a wide base of target groups and hosts numerous businesses that make profits on a daily basis.

Ideas that make commercial properties so alluring

Commercial properties are always in demand because there is a new business coming up almost every single day. With the start-up wave hitting India in recent years, there has been a major rise in businesses and each time, an increase in demand in commercial properties. Purchasing these can fetch you a great lease deal and also much higher resale value. If you are looking to start a business, Coimbatore offers a great place to set up an office. And if you are looking to rent the property out, there are many individuals and multi-chain outlets looking to open restaurants, banks, ATMs, storage facilities, clothing store, fitness class, and so much more.

What is essential for purchasing a commercial property?

If you are arrived at a decision to purchase a commercial property, here is a checklist of things you would need to know.

It is important to select a commercial property that is in a prime location to help start a successful business or fetch a higher rent. You will require to study the areas and the nature of various businesses that are performed there. You will also need research that helps in evaluating the current price of the property and its future predicted value.

Purchasing a commercial property requires following a thorough procedure and involves a lot of paperwork. Double check the required documents to ensure that the transfer agreements are as per the expectations of the concerned authorities.

When you purchase a commercial property; there are a lot of overhead costs you will have to consider apart from the one-time purchase price. You will need to check what the maintenance cost will be incurred to run the facility.

Of course, commercial properties require specific permissions for specific businesses. If you have a business in mind, make sure the place gets approval for various permissions such as fire complaint, emergency exits, etc. approved from the regulatory offices. Similarly, if you want to lease the place out to other businesses, ensure they have the right permit and licenses to perform their business.

For those of you planning to start their own business will require a designer that will help convert this space into a business hub. Design of any space speaks a lot about the work that is performed and also how well it is functioning. Ensure that you have the cost of designing also considered in case you plan to utilize the commercial property for your business.

Where do we come in the picture?

If you are looking to purchase and/or design a commercial property in Coimbatore, you need professionals that become partners in your dreams. We are not any real-estate agency, but experts who have the right knowledge and experience to help you get through all the stages of purchasing a commercial property and renovating it. Partnering with us will serve you many benefits such as –

30+ Years of Experience

Experience is the single greatest tool that helps us set apart from the rest. We have created a strong foundation in the past 30-plus years at every stage of real investment and building. Our experience includes helping clients to purchase land, houses, villas, apartments, and commercial properties that suits their budget and requirements along with redesigning the interiors in the most effective way.

Local Knowledge

Our key experience that you should consider while selecting a real estate service provider is the knowledge of Coimbatore. Unlike national level portals, we have a team of locals who have an intricate knowledge of the NRI investment market, have a familiarity of the region, and the understanding of right paperwork with the necessary contacts to make every step a smooth process.

Track Record

Our projects have grown over the years, giving us an excellent track record. Our keen eye towards the business has helped investors gain over 100 times the return on their investment.

Budget Flexibility

Every customer’s requirement is our top priority and hence our services include an array of property types. There is no such thing as very little or way too much for us. So, instead of offering you endearing generic images, we try to understand your preferences, expectations and your budget. This information along with our unparalleled market study enables us to help you purchase, design, and build a property that fits in your budget.

The best areas for commercial properties in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is a booming city and the regions around it are growing at a rapid rate. Currently, it serves as one of the best areas in India to invest and see its price soar. The real-estate industry in Coimbatore has seen a rise in various businesses and thus the importance of commercial properties. Here are a few areas that can offer a good spot to purchase one.

Avinashi Road
It is an arterial road in Coimbatore that houses the popular localities of the city. It has been known to be one of the busiest places in the city, which is why it can make an excellent commercial property investment in terms of office space. The area comprises of basic amenities and luxurious hotels, shopping malls, art galleries, and much more that amps the lifestyle here to that of a metropolitan city.
Lying in the heart of Coimbatore, it is a commercial neighbourhood that comprises of major shopping areas and corporate offices.
R.S. Puram
This area is a residential hub and a shopping district. It’s a well-balanced place that comprises of multi-national commercial establishments, offices, educational institutions, shopping complexes, tourist areas, restaurants, and much more. Being a prime residential area, the prices of this place is typically a little higher than the others.
Residing a few kilometres from the south of Coimbatore is Kuniyamuthur. It holds the busiest market in the city and is closer to the railway and international airport. Being in a prime area of importance, this town is a great place to invest right now.
Being one of the oldest residential parts of the city, it has grown rapidly as a major commercial centre as well. Due to the growth of businesses, the prices in this area are more than other regions for investment.
It’s the most densely populated area in Coimbatore and has both residential and commercial neighbourhood. The prices in this area are highly competitive since it’s well-connected with other areas of the city.
This suburb is located in the northeastern region of Coimbatore city and is closely located to other suburbs of Coimbatore. The place is predominantly a commercial area and hosts some of the major industries in Coimbatore.
It is a part of the main Coimbatore city and is an established residential cum commercial locality. It is a prime location since it is closer to bus terminals, railway station, and is adjacent to other important places in the city.
It is one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods of Coimbatore city, thanks to the rise of IT companies in the surroundings and the Smart City mission. It is an educational and financial hub of Coimbatore and houses many international outlets, malls, residences, and gated communities.
Ram Nagar
Another centrally located place in Coimbatore, Ram Nagar offers connectivity to all the other places in the city and accessibility to major amenities. It also houses many famous hotels of Coimbatore and can serve as a great place to do business as well.