The Real Estate Market in Coimbatore

Area 254 Sq. Kms.
Population 1,601,438
Average Temperature Range 19.8 degree C to 35.9 degree C
Airport Coimbatore International Airport (Peelamedu)
Railway Coimbatore Junction
Official Language Tamil
Economy Hub for manufacturing, education, healthcare, textiles, and IT

Coimbatore is having a moment as a real estate market. Second largest in Tamil Nadu, it is one of the most rapidly growing cities in India, and a popular tourist destination thanks to its rich cultural heritage. With its market value spiralling upwards, each year its residential and rental capital prices soar up to 10 to 15% and 30% respectively.

Among the several factors adding to its robustness as a market is its sprawling 7,469 square kilometres of fully-developed urban area. The city boasts of efficient connectivity by airways, roadways, and railways. Infrastructure wise, the steady economic growth has led to Coimbatore’s recognition as a smart city in 2016. It is also the largest non-metro city that benefits from the e-commerce industry.

The city’s backbone is its industries that have sustained since the 19th century and are flourishing along with newer ones along with a developing IT sector. It’s little wonder then that Coimbatore offers a high standard of living.

Compared to other cities in the south, Coimbatore offers a more favourable investment opportunity at lower prices. This translates into better prospects for NRIs to enter the segment without bankrolling a fortune. They can then watch their investment grow in the coming years.

How can we help maximize your investment in Coimbatore?

Radvi believes in offering partnership in building your dream home to help you get the best value in a dream.

Vast Experience

Our expert team comprises of individuals with massive experience and an excellent knowledge of the locality. We cover all the sectors under the real-estate market and help individuals right from purchasing land to renovating a luxurious apartment. Our services comprise of :

  1. Land Purchase Consultancy
  2. Design
  3. Build
  4. Property Purchase Consultancy
  5. Renovations
  6. Landscaping

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Investing in real estate isn’t a one-off deal, which is why you need someone reliable to help you. What makes us different from brokers and dealers is the fact that we become your partners to help you get the best value in a deal.

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Experience is the single greatest tool that makes us a cut above the norm. We have created a strong foundation in the past 30-plus years at every stage of real estate investment and building. Right from purchasing a land, designing it with the help of local partners, consulting on a plan, and eventually building it in reality, we have all the bases covered.

Local Knowledge

A key factor you must consider while selecting a real estate service provider is their knowledge of Coimbatore. Unlike national level portals, we have a team of locals who are equipped with a thorough knowledge of the NRI investment market, are familiar with the region, and possess an understanding of right paperwork with the necessary contacts to make every step a smooth process.

Track Record

Our projects have grown over the years, giving us an excellent track record. Our keen eye towards the business has helped investors gain over 100 times the return on their investment.

Budget Flexibility

Every customer’s requirement is our top priority and hence our services include an array of property types. There is no such thing as very little or way too much for us. So instead of offering you endearing and generic images, we try to understand your preferences, expectations and your budget. This information, along with our unparalleled market study, enables us to help you purchase, design and build a property that fits in your budget.

Why invest in Coimbatore?

Booming Industry for IT

Coimbatore has become the second largest software producer in Tamil Nadu and is growing by leaps and bounds in this field. Thanks to the launch of various IT parks and centres such as TIDEL Park and IndiaLand TechPark, Coimbatore houses of IT giants such as Amazon, Bosch, Cognizant, Wipro, Hexaware, and Deloitte.

An established textile industry

Coimbatore has been home to numerous textile mills as well as research institutes. Famous for its quality of cotton and dyed fabric, it has become one of the largest manufacturing cities that exports to different countries. Right from traditional manufacturing days till now, Coimbatore is known for its highest concentration of textile activity in the world.

Educational hub

The city is known as one of the major educational hubs with more than 7 universities, 78 engineering, 3 medical, 2 dental, 150 arts and science colleges and 35 polytechnics. These institutes are known for their quality education and are either government run or privately funded.

Tourist attraction

The geographical location of Coimbatore makes it a unique tourist attraction. Located on the banks of the Noyyal River and surrounded by the Western Ghats, the city offers a pleasant view for tourism enthusiasts. Another key aspect of the city to attract tourists is its centralised connectivity to various hill stations of Chennai.

Climatic conditions

Coimbatore offers a soothing, pleasant climate round the year. Its well-placed location ensures that it has mild winters and moderate summers with decent amount of rainfall in comparison with other places in Tamilnadu.

Healthcare amenities

Coimbatore has a large healthcare industry that comprises over 750 hospitals. The facilities and research in the city make it a place for medical tourism for people from nearby districts and even from the neighbouring state of Kerala.

Parts of Coimbatore

Coimbatore is spread widely and each part offers a host of unique features that might be exactly what you are looking to invest in. To understand the entire geographical area of the city, here’s a division of its suburbs on the basis of its location.

Northern Region

Coimbatore is spread widely and each part offers a host of unique features that might be exactly what you are looking to invest in. To understand the entire geographical area of the city, here’s a division of its suburbs on the basis of its location.
A part of the main city, it is well connected via road and electric rail. Its pleasant climate offers a number of residential areas that can be a great destination for those who love tranquil locations. It also hosts healthcare centers, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, and banks.
This northern part of Coimbatore is fast growing and offers well-connected roads to the main city. Its prices are soaring each year due to a rise in IT parks nearby and have an established healthcare sector as well.
It’s a great place to invest since the neighbouring places of Vellakinar are some of the most established real-estate housing locations.
It falls in the north-east region of Coimbatore and is said to be one of the rapidly developing localities in Coimbatore. It is one of the late bloomers in residential market that offers an advantage to investors right now. Accessibility wise, its connected to two important national highways.
This rural district to the north of the main city is makes a cut courtesy its beautiful location. It is set at the foothills of Nilgiri hills and falls on the way to Ooty. The region is more of a secluded place that has good network of subways and flyovers for connectivity. The key here is to set a house at a scenic location away from the city.

Central Region

It’s an established residential area of the city. The prices may be high here but in comparison to other places, it’s a well-facilitated area and is a proven real-estate investment zone.
Lying in the heart of Coimbatore, it is a commercial neighborhood that comprises of major shopping areas and corporate offices.
R.S. Puram
This area is a residential hub and a shopping district. It’s a well-balanced place that comprises of multinational commercial establishments, offices, educational institutions, shopping complexes, tourist areas, restaurants, and much more. Being a prime residential area, the prices of this place is typically a little higher than the others.
Trichy Road
This area lies in the heart of Coimbatore and is touted to be a luxurious locality. Its prime location is the result of its centralised location and accessibility to the airport that is just 6.5 km away. It has connected network of roadways as well and offers all the basic amenities in the vicinity.
Sai Baba Colony
If you are looking for someplace peaceful, this area is certainly for you. It’s one of the oldest and peaceful neighbourhoods in Coimbatore. It is elegantly built and is pretty close to Gandhipuram.
Avinashi Road
It is an arterial road in Coimbatore that houses the popular localities of the city. It has been known to serve as one of the best investments for NRIs in real estate properties. The area consists of basic amenities and luxurious hotels, shopping malls, art galleries, and more that amps the lifestyle here to that of a metropolitan city.

Other notable areas in Central Coimbatore are Puliakulam, and Avarampalayam.

South Region

Located a few kilometers from the south of Coimbatore in Kuniyamuthur. It houses the busiest market in the city and is closer to the railway station and the international airport. Being in an area of importance, this town is a great place to invest right now.
This suburb has windy climate round the year and a beautiful landscape of windmills. The suburb is a little far from the main city area but is well-connected via railways and roadways.

East Region

It is one of the fastest-growing neighbourhoods in the city. It is majorly a residential area and favors investments in the real-estate business.
Being one of the oldest residential parts of the city, it has grown rapidly as a major commercial center as well. Due to the growth of businesses, the prices in this area are more than other regions for investment.
Meena Estate
This area is the costliest area to invest in real estate since it is a premium residential area and is home to the only Kendriya Vidyalaya of the city.
It’s the most densely-populated area in Coimbatore and has both residential and commercial neighbourhood. The prices in this area are highly competitive since it’s well connected with other areas of the city.
The fact that it’s one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods, Chinniampalayam is also favoured by its location that houses the Coimbatore International Airport on its outskirts.
This locality is perfect for residential properties since it offers pleasant locale and a well-connected network of roads and railways. The locality has schools, restaurants, and a lake that offers a scenic view of the surroundings.

The other notable areas in this region are Udayampalayam, and Vilankurichi.

Western Region

This township is a part of the Coimbatore city and has been touted as Little Ooty due to its climate and serene landscape. Such weather makes it a great place to visit and makes a perfect vacation home. It offers many educational facilities and is a popular residential hub.
This western region suburb has a favourable climate and well-developed surroundings. It has easy accessibility by road since it’s close to the Palakkad Main road. There are several colleges in this region, industrial areas, and also a children's park that makes it an all-round developing suburb.
This area comprises mostly residential places and can be a great site to build upon. Lying in the Western region, it has a favourable climate throughout the year. Since it isn’t as developed as the other places, it will make for a good budget investment.
Another area that falls in the western section is Somayanur. It is not so well-developed and is pretty close to the Ghats. This makes it a perfect place to build a holiday home that is away from the hustle and bustle of the main city.
This area can be deemed as well-developed for residential purposes. It has a scenic view since it comprises of the Kurichi Kulam lake. The area has all basic amenities including a cinema hall. The suburb is close to the Palghat Highway, making it an easily accessible location.
With its location right at the foothills of the Western Ghats, Vadavalli offers the perfect climate and accessibility as its just 9 km away from the railway station. The area is one of the most popular residential areas in the Western region.

Best Areas for Property Investment in Coimbatore

With our immense experience, we have a few places marked across Coimbatore that we feel can really provide you value for money. Of course, the type of properties and budget differs from region to region. If you have something in your mind, you can contact us and we can provide you with detailed study of the regions that suits your particular needs. Few areas that do make the list are –

Residential – Plots and Villas

Areas such as Vadavalli, Kuniamuthur, Meetupalayam, Singanallur, and Kalapatti are some places that offer an ideal location for purchasing plots that can be designed and built into luxurious villas.

Residential – Apartments

If you are looking to reside in an apartment, the prime locations that are currently running ahead in the market are Trichy Road, Saibaba Colony, Avinashi Road, Gandhipuram, and R.S.Puram.

What makes us the best Luxury Villas, Houses, and Apartment Builders in Coimbatore?


Our 30-plus years of experience is not just in dealing in the real estate market, but partnering in our customer’s dreams. We have experience in building spacious villas at plots that vary as per the budget.


For us, each investor is different. Instead of having a generic set of plans for display, we prefer to understand your personality, your requirement, and your preferences. On the basis of these checkpoints, we suggest you the right place to invest. We come up with designs that will match your persona and make it a million-dollar looking place within your prescribed budget.

Expert team

Our team consists of experts that have decades of experience in their respective fields. So whether it is helping you purchase the right plot, getting the right paperwork done, getting a custom design, finding the most suitable materials to build a house, we have them all.