Property Renovation Services

Radvi: Superior Renovation Services in Chennai

If you are planning to renovate your living space, it would be a smart decision that could increase the value of the property. After all, a renovation would make the house look and feel beautiful and more attractive. Other than remodelling the space based on new ideas, property renovations could help you in repairing the existing properties as you wish. Properties, may it be of any style or type, naturally, undergo wear and tear as it ages. If the property lacks proper maintenance, the chances for wear and tear are more. Property renovations help in restoring the damages of the house and provide a new look and character. If you are a property owner, you might be looking at a home remodelling company that offers services that are cost-effective, adds more value to your home and would make your property look more beautiful. This is true when it comes to a metropolitan city like Chennai that embraces the changes and technology of the day. As renovations could make a huge impact on property value, choosing a company like Radvi to renovate your house would help in making a difference in the long run and elevate the property value in the Chennai real estate market.

Radvi is one of the top property developers, real estate consultants and renovators in Chennai. With our expertise and experience in the business, you would get the best assistance in renovation for your home or building. Our professionals could do the renovations, just the way you need and make your home look alluring and valuable. The first step to redesigning or renovating a building is to form a definite set of goals. You could discuss this with the professionals at Radvi to make sure that all of them are achieved by the end of renovations.

Why renovation is necessary?

Radvi clearly understands that it would be one of the important questions that would concern people and would need an answer.

Renovations are made due to various reasons. Just like how other things in life are maintained, home or office spaces too need renovation and timely maintenance. There are many evident reasons like securing a home from wear and tear, improving functionality, updating the design and style and making the house look modern to attract potential buyers. Here are some of the major steps that would demand property renovations.

Health of the Property

One of the major reasons to renovate the property is to make sure that the house or commercial space is well-maintained. If you live in a house or not, houses and other buildings would need maintenance and damage over some time and would need renovations to keep the property in excellent condition. Radvi provides expert renovation assistance in the most efficient method. Property health could be assessed by checking for cracks, damages, electrical or plumbing issues and also looking for structural problems.

Value of the Property

 If you carry out proper renovations, it would increase the value of the property significantly. Property prices would majorly depend on the current condition of the house. A well-maintained home would be a safer investment as it had increased value. For this reason, the property owners should carry out timely maintenance and renovate their properties. By opting for services from Radvi in Chennai, you get the most value out of the renovated properties.

Resale of the Property

Property renovations could assure that the property could be sold at a higher price. This is one of the most common reasons that would make a person opt for renovation if they plan to sell the property in the real estate market in Chennai. However, you could easily take advantage by seeking renovation services from a reputed company like Radvi. If you have an experienced team with you, the work would end quickly. The team can provide proper advice on the home so that you could make the best decision regarding the budget for renovation purposes.

 Modernizing the Property

One of the essential reasons most people look for renovation is that their home looks outdated and they need to modernize the property. If a renovation is carried out, the property would look fresh and modern. It would also be a positive step that would initiate the changes in the look of the house, making it modern. Other than that, it would also help in creating a perfect environment that would be desired by people. As Radvi is one of the most experienced companies in Chennai, we can renovate almost any property, regardless of the budget, layout or size. We are ready to provide free of cost estimates and consultations about the property and the renovation plans.

 Scaling & Utilizing the Space

Expanding and upscaling the property is a very important reason to undertake renovations on your property. The space you have within the property would increase following a renovation. It also helps in improving the house and making it look more pleasing to the eyes. The team of experienced professionals can carry out the project in a few weeks and make the property welcoming. This would allow the homeowners to make use of the space effectively when compared to the times before renovation.

Choosing Radvi For Your Property Renovations Needs

Radvi was formed with the main goal of helping people to make the right renovations based on their needs. It can not only help in investing in dream plots and properties but also helps in renovating and building homes or commercial spaces and making sure that they stand out from the rest! The professionals at Radvi could design and renovate the properties based on the customer needs. The renovation would provide a feeling of newness to your homes, offices and any other properties. It might include replacing roofs, windows, floors and so on. By partnering with Radvi, you could easily enjoy the benefits of our services and expertise as you take the property to new heights. We could do so due to the following reasons.

Immense Experience

The team at Radvi has immense experience when it comes to property consultation and home and office renovations in Chennai. You would be provided with comprehensive renovation services that are based on the right plans and ideas. Our team has a good understanding of the construction industry. This aspect allows them to offer the best renovation and planning services. The professionals have experience of over ten years when it comes to property renovations. This would make them a well-qualified and experienced choice for your home or office renovation requirements.

Chennai Local Knowledge

We, at Radvi, are different from the national level service providers who just have their branches in the cities. We partner with Chennai-based builders and developers who are active in the real estate sector locally. This is one of our unique features and this allows us to provide renovation services that are tailored to suit the urban life, culture and customs in Chennai. The renovation partners are well aware of Chennai and know the local construction market, changing trends, designs, styles and so on. This allows us to provide quality renovations, regardless of the size and scale of renovation that is needed. The team, in addition, would be able to assist you with the necessary documentation and permits needed for the project. You could hence avoid unnecessary delays and hassles.

Experience in Planning & Property Design

As the Radvi team handles all types of real estate projects, we have a good understanding of architectural rules, requirements and regulations, property planning and various other aspects in Chennai. The selection of raw materials such as roofing and flooring materials, colors, furniture etc. is usually done by the customer. However, Radvi can provide suggestions on which materials to pick and stick to the budget to finish the renovation on time. We can take care of all aspects of renovations, plans and designs. We understand the latest innovative renovation designs that could accommodate your idea. This makes Radvi a perfect fit for your renovation needs. By opting for our services, you could save time and help in achieving the renovation goals effectively.

Affordable Revamping Services

We have a clear idea of how complex the process of construction and renovation could be. Hence, we bring in innovative solutions that are sure to address the requirements of the customers while keeping the budget in mind. We ensure that the project remains well planned so that productivity is at its peak and overheads are reduced, which allows smooth execution of the project. We adopt an in-depth methodical approach as it saves a huge amount of the renovation budget. Hence, if you plan to construct or renovate your home or office space in Chennai, you could opt for the services of Radvi

Highly Professional & Talented Team

Radvi has handled a multitude of clients right from the natives to the NRIs. Radvi has a dedicated team that is well-experienced and handles the projects professionally. Our team has good knowledge about the architectural styles and preferences of customers in Bangalore. They are also familiar with the various localities, their customs and culture, therefore the modifications or renovations to the property is based on this understanding. We have the best professionals in Bangalore who could help you, right from the planning stage until the project ends. Our talented and highly professional team can focus on any type of issue and rectify them at the earliest so that the project progresses well and ends on time.

Main Points of Radvi’s Renovation Services

Radvi is a leading real estate company and we value renovating the property. Our team of professionals can renovate in such a way that it meets the needs and requirements of individual clients. The renovation projects handled by Radvi in Chennai are designed based on the current market standards while considering the aesthetic and structural characteristics of the property. We meet the needs of our customers through our expert team and dedication to execute the project on time. Given below are some of the important elements of the renovation services offered by Radvi.

Innovative Approach

The team at Radvi is skilled at developing plans for various renovation and projects. A comprehensive consultation method is implemented before the project begins to identify the preferences and needs of the homeowners. The experienced staff designs a plan that is innovative and practical to suit the requirements, space available and budget. The plans are easy to understand and are designed in a user-friendly manner and discussed to make sure that the customer likes them. The commitment to innovation is one of the main reasons behind our consistent success.


Fast & Budget-Friendly

We give importance to time and budget and this is one of the main reasons that our clients recommend us to others. We stick to your desired budget and complete the work on time. We make sure that the work progresses smoothly without any hindrances coming on the way. From the initial stage to the completion of the project, the dedicated team of professionals makes sure that each task in hand is completed. We focus on minor details put forward by the client so that each aspect and goal is met, by staying within the budget.

Dedicated Customer Support

Each customer is important for us and we make sure that all their needs are taken care of properly. Hence, we have a dedicated customer support team that could answer all your queries and provide solutions to the issues that might arise through proper communication. We have good knowledge on how to serve you well as Radvi has an experienced team that could tackle the challenges and make each project a fruitful one.

Portfolio & Track Record

All our customers are given equal treatment and we make sure that all their needs are taken care of. If you look at the portfolio, you could find that every project is completed on time, sticking to the mentioned budget. We have a proven track record of completing the tasks and being one of the companies that give importance to minute detailing, which makes us the customer’s favorite company. The testimonials and reviews are proof of our dedication and timely submission of work.

Safe & Secure Approach

Our professionals take a safe approach before they begin the renovation. The renovation project has the best execution as the team gives top priority to the security of the property. The team is committed to the best interest and would ensure privacy and safety. The professionals at Radvi follow the right procedures from beginning to end. Radvi guarantees that the renovation projects in Chennai would look their best in no time.

Future-friendly Renovations

Radvi gives importance to being eco-friendly. We implement sustainable solutions to make sure that the renovation has the lowest impact possible on nature. Priority should be given to safe and eco-friendly solutions that are good for both the property and the environment. This ensures that the house is future-friendly as well. Minimum waste and creating a positive impact is what we aim to do. Radvi is also committed to being socially responsible and ethical.

Other than this, Radvi is committed to creating a positive impact in the environment and in bringing positive changes at the workplace and in the communities in Chennai. Radvi supports and invests in the economic development of the locality, providing grants, apprenticeships, skills training and education to help the residents of the communities.

Radvi’s 6-Step Property Renovation Process

Some people might feel overwhelmed by the idea of renovating their homes as it would need a lot of work and attention along with time and budget. Radvi understands this and implements various steps during the renovation process to avoid chaos and finish the project sticking to the deadline. Here are some of the steps that Radvi implements during a renovation project.

One of the first steps that we take is to identify why the renovation should take place. In certain cases, people purchase the property from the previous owner and renovate it to suit the customer’s taste. Some might renovate it to repair the damages and issues that help in clearing the wear and tear of the building. Hence, when we take up a project, our initial work would be to identify why the renovation needs to be carried out.

This step involves coming up with a plan by incorporating various ideas that would be the basis of renovation. This stage is important as it will make sure that we have an inventory of all the resources to put the plan into action. Since Radvi is transparent, the professionals would provide an estimate of the resources like building materials, budget etc.

A comprehensive budget is determined and allocated to buy the resources and provide services. A detailed cost breakdown would be provided to the customer regarding the project so that they could clearly understand the cost of raw materials and services. The budget would include all expenses needed for the renovation such as the cost of construction, electrical, plumbing, interior design and much more. If the additional cost would be incurred due to regulatory or environmental changes, it would be informed well in advance.

During this step, Radvi selects the contractor who would take care of the project. The contractors we have are well-experienced and qualified. They provide effective services. Other than this, they would follow all the requirements right from the designing stage until the completion of the final detailing. Radvi provides all the relevant documents so that the renovation in Chennai would be carried out efficiently.

Once the work is assigned, the contractor would make all preparation to execute the renovation. All the permissions and necessary materials would be assigned. The renovation manager would prepare and submit the applications to the Government agencies. The permissions and materials included in the project would change based on the location selected and the scope of the renovation.

This is the final step to a successful renovation. A detailed timeline would be prepared that would help in monitoring the project’s progress. The timeline would have relevant times, dates and actions that would be performed within the stipulated deadline. The complete renovation would be divided into measurable activities. The progress of the project could be easily monitored and this would help in staying updated with the progress of the project.


Once the renovation process is completed, the home or office space would look appealing and new. We value customer satisfaction and hence focus on even the minute details and this is what makes our customers satisfied and happy. We have had our customers suggest us to their friends and relatives so that we could offer services to them as well. Our team at Radvi consists of expert architects and renovators in Chennai. They have a clear idea of the styles and renovations carried out locally. They research well and learn about the neighborhood before the renovation process begins so that the renovators have an idea of the locality, style of houses and suggest renovations based on the same.

We have a unique approach to everything when it comes to renovation as we observe the issues within the house, draft a plan, check with the customers and clients, finalize the plan and then execute the same to make the house look modern and appealing following the upgrade. So, don’t hesitate to call us for your property renovation needs.