Architectural Design Services

Design & Build your Dream Home with Coimbatore’s Best Architects

Are you looking to build your dream property in the scenic Coimbatore, then you are at the right place. Most people don’t understand the importance of hiring a superior architectural consultant to guide your construction process. The right architectural consultant will help you design your dream property, be it residential or commercial, as it is and help build it without compromising on the design and space as per your wishes. Simply put, your dream property is not built with just a concept, it has to be designed, built and furnished to make your stay homely. So, a good architectural design is the first step in the journey, and a good architecture design expert will help you make it a reality.

We at Radvi have immense experience in the field of architecture and construction. So, we can hence come up with the best blueprints and designs for your dream property. We are a premium architectural firm in Coimbatore and are adept at producing custom designs for houses, luxury villas, residential apartments, commercial projects, industrial projects, and more. Our architecture service covers a wide range of services, ranging from designing, drafting to interior and exterior planning. With our wide-ranging experience, we can guide you to create a perfect balance between practicality, aesthetics, and budget, helping you select the best architecture design for your property. So, let’s discover why you must choose Radvi for your architecture needs!

Why Choose Radvi for your architectural needs?

Radvi was started by a team of Australian NRIs with the goal of helping both native Indians and NRIs get the best real estate and property consultation services. Our main purpose as a consultancy is to take care of your unique requirements and help you to find and own the right home that not only fits your budget but also your needs. When it comes to architectural support, our team of architects can offer you an exclusive range of services. We understand the importance of architecture, design and space in creating the perfect home. So, our process for designing your dream property starts with careful planning, extensive research and consultation. From the selection of the perfect land to the final furnishings, we will work with you throughout the entire process. That’s our commitment to you as the best architects in Coimbatore . We work with you till you are absolutely satisfied. To know more about how we add value for you, you can read the list of reasons mentioned below.

Superior Experience

In total, our team has over three decades of experience in the construction and architectural sectors. This makes us uniquely qualified to handle the design of all types of residential, commercial, industrial educational, and office spaces. Our team consists of highly experienced architects, surveyors, builders, and interior designers. They are skilled in the field of architectural design and have the expertise to deliver results on time. We have also developed a strong bond with several reputed firms in the field, which can be leveraged to assist us with certain design elements and construction plans. As mentioned, our clients can expect the finest quality service from us in terms of both our architectural designs and the quality of our construction.

Local Knowledge

Not just knowledge about the industry, our team also has vast knowledge about Coimbatore and the surrounding locality. So, we perfectly understand what to do to build your dream property in your dream locality. We also know how the local community might respond to your choice of home, and this helps us provide you with valuable design insights. Our knowledge of the terrain, climate and construction materials and technologies available in the area can also save you time and money by helping you choose the right materials for your property. Furthermore, we are also well-versed with the local regulations and policies, so you need not worry that your project might get stuck in red tape.

Architectural Experts

Our industry experience has helped us identify the best architects in the locality of Coimbatore and hire them. Our team of architects and interior designers help you in choosing the perfect layout for the interior and the exterior of the house. Besides, they also help you find solutions to the issues faced during the construction process. All the architects in our team are experienced in their profession, and most of them have won a number of prestigious awards. Besides, they are also known for delivering quality work and are committed to delivering only the best in terms of design and quality. Their professional design portfolios and detailed construction plans will allow you to build unique and eco-friendly properties.

Professional & Courteous

We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients. Our professional attitude and courteous staffs are just what you need to see in an architectural consultant. These are qualities that have been part of our service philosophy for decades and they have shaped our reputation in the market. We value customer care above anything else, and it’s something we strive to give to our clients. For that matter, our entire team of consultants are well-trained and proficient in their professions. They understand your property needs and can offer you the best solutions to meet those needs.


When you choose some architects, your budget can become one of the limiting factors that stop you from building your dream property. However, that will not be the case with Radvi. Our industry experience and local knowledge help us in designing low-cost, environmentally friendly properties, which will reduce the total cost of the project. We do not compromise on quality to deliver affordable homes, and that is why we have become a leading service provider in the field. We also offer our services on a per-project basis, which means that you will not have to spend a fortune on building your dream house.

Proven Record

We have an excellent track record in designing the best properties in the most cost-effective manner. This is possible because we have a team of highly skilled professionals, who are committed to delivering only the best in terms of design and quality. Besides, each of our projects also has a detailed construction plan, which we share with you. This will help you even with the construction process. This is one of the main reasons why our clients trust us and have stayed loyal to our services for many years. You can check our proven track record from the testimonials given by satisfied customers and see what they have to say about us.

Radvi’s Architectural Services

Our team of reputed architects can deliver high-quality architectural services that are focused on efficiently utilizing the space in the right proportions and also incorporating innovative design elements. In addition, they will also help you in building the structure in a unique and efficient way and at the same time reduce the time taken to finish the project. In short, our architects will make sure that your dream project will be the best one that you could have ever imagined. Our all-inclusive architectural services are designed in such a way that your budget will not be a barrier to getting the best quality design and construction. Hence, you can always count on us for all your architectural needs.The following are some of the elements that are part of our superior architectural services.

Space Utilization

We are experts in designing a blueprint that utilizes the space of the property in the most efficient and creative way possible. This will not only maximize the space that you use but also provide you with a more affordable and personalized living environment. Our ability to create such designs is because of the fact that our team is equipped with a wealth of knowledge and insights.


One of our main USPs is our ability to design eco-friendly spaces that are not only good for the environment but also helps you utilize the space to make your house more energy-efficient. Our team can make sure that your property is built in such a way that it is well-lit and well ventilated. Our designs are focused on how to help you maximize the use of natural light and breeze to create a more energy-efficient home environment.

Modern & Traditional

Our architectural services extend to the modern residential and commercial buildings as well as those that are traditional in design. This is because the designs that we create are inspired by old architectural principles and features but are executed in a modern and contemporary way. Our ability to create such an environment stems from the fact that our team is equipped with the know-how, creativity and professionalism required to meet the challenges that come with the evolution of architecture.

Stylish & Unique

If you want your property to stand out from the rest in the locality, we are the best people to choose. We create beautifully styled buildings that are not only good for the look but also functional. Our designs are also inspired by timeless principles and features of traditional architecture to ensure that they create the perfect atmosphere and environment for your property. We are more than proud to say that we are not only creative, we are also very resourceful when it comes to building and designing such structures. This is why we have a team of highly skilled professionals who are ready to go the extra mile to ensure that your property is uniquely beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

Textures & Colors

As the best architects in Coimbatore, we are able to suggest the best mix of textures and colours that should be used to create a space that is not only visually appealing but also well-suited for everyday life. From our work, you can come to know that our designs are functional, practical, and versatile. Thus, they are able to cater to a variety of environments, such as commercial and residential buildings. The right colour can make a room look warmer, brighter, or even more spacious. Likewise, textures can make a space look more solid, inviting, and luxurious. If you want your property to look and feel good, get in touch with us and we can help you plan everything in detail.

The Best Architectural Styles for all Properties

With Radvi, you will get the best architectural support in Coimbatore. Our team of talented architects is experienced in providing various styles of architectural designs that will suit various types of buildings. With extensive experience in the field, our team knows what styles work well on what types of buildings. Therefore, they can take your ideas and transform them into a unique look that will certainly help improve the aesthetic appeal of your property. Some of the types of architectural styles that we are proficient in include

  •         Modern Architecture
  •         Renaissance Architecture
  •         Victorian Architecture
  •         Art Deco Style
  •         Gothic Architecture
  •         Tuscan Architecture
  •         Bauhaus Architecture
  •         Deconstructivism
  •         & Many More


We are also able to provide superior interior and exterior architectural support to all types of residential, corporate and commercial properties. Some of the properties that we specialize in include

Residential – Apartments, Independent Homes, Bungalows, Villas, Estates, etc.

Commercial – Hotels, Retail Spaces, Shopping Malls, Individual Shops, Restaurants, etc.

Corporate – Office Spaces, Conference Halls, Warehouses, Factories, etc.

Educational – Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Museums, etc.

Medical – Healthcare Spaces, Hospitals, Dental Clinics, etc.

Sports Structures – Sports Facilities, Stadiums, etc.

Religious – Church Spaces, Mosques, Temples, Shrines, etc.

And much more.


On the whole, you can see that Radvi employs leading architects in Coimbatore who are capable of providing the ideal architectural services to design your dream property just the way you want it. We are confident that you will find our qualifications and experience to be of great value in your search for the best architect, and you can completely count on us to exceed your expectations every time. If you are looking for the best architectural design agency in Coimbatore, then you should talk to us as soon as possible so that we can design your dream house from scratch. Contact us for more information.