Architectural Design Services

Make Your Dream of Owning a Luxury Home in Bangalore Come True!

Most people prefer to buy a plot to build a customized luxury home or commercial property. The next step here would be to prepare the right layout to develop it. However, to handle the entire process, intricate planning of each aspect is necessary. The exterior of any home is sure to impress the guests, be it a villa, an apartment, an independent house or even a commercial space. Whatever building you might be planning, it would need thorough ground plans and designs. You will have to hire contractors to build the structure. This is where Radvi comes into the picture.

Even before you attempt to build, you would need a blueprint drafted and finalized by the architect. You can’t begin building something without any pre-designed or approved plan. Various factors such as access points, space utilization, power and water connections and much more should be covered when the plan is being drafted. The information would become helpful and then you could proceed by picking a design or style of house that you would want, and which would provide a personality to the house. Some people might decide to opt for a modern architectural style while some others think of a contemporary design. However, a professional architect from Radvi can easily understand the exact requirement.

At Radvi, we have the best architects in Bangalore to offer multifaceted services to you. Our top architects have vast experience and sound knowledge about the changing market trends and mastery over various design styles. We can help you right from the planning stage, preparation of blueprint and execution of the design until the house is fully completed and meets your goals and needs by making sure to stay within the budget.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you a native or an NRI who is looking to build a house in Bangalore, we have the best architects who are well-experienced to utilise the space in the best possible way without compromising on the design and attractiveness of the house.

Vast Experience

The team at Radvi has more than 30 years of experience and that says a lot for itself. We are proficient in providing an all-around solution in Bangalore when it comes to building a house or a commercial property from scratch. By keeping your vision in mind, we can help in planning the space and offer styling ideas that would best suit your needs as well as the budget. The architects and designers at Radvi have worked on various prestigious projects by combining state-of-the-art technology along with impressive designs. Building a house or a commercial space is not as easy as it seems. Any team who is building a house or a commercial space faces various challenges or obstacles along the way. As Radvi has an experienced crew in Bangalore, we can easily sense any issues that might crop up and solve them immediately.

Local Knowledge

Each area has its speciality like the type of wood and materials that would accentuate the exteriors and how it looks. It is also very important to know the right suppliers so that they could provide the exact materials needed to build the house or office space at the right time and at a decent price. You could get such knowledgeable people only if you hire experts in Bangalore to work on this project. We, at Radvi, have different teams working in Bangalore so that you could get the best local team working on the building. They have a clear idea of the raw materials needed, their availability, details about the locality, style of the buildings in the neighbourhood and much more!

Flexibility in Budget

Architects would be looking into various details such as plan and space management, construction, painting, electrical connection and much more.. The top architects at Radvi are well-experienced in helping you achieve all such aspects without burning a huge hole in your pocket. They are efficient and could provide alternative cost-effective ideas which help in sticking to the budget without compromising your vision to own a perfect house.

Track Record

Over the years, experts at Radvi have provided various architectural designs for various clients that catered to different types and sizes of houses. We take pride in bringing to you the fact that all the projects were completed in record time, sticking to the client’s budget. We have a team of the best architects in Bangalore that have helped various high-profile clients build some of the most beautiful houses. The value of those houses has skyrocketed over time.

Elements of Service

Architectural design is a concept that focuses on various components or elements of a structure. There are experienced architects at Radvi who prepare a schematic design and work closely with the builder on the contractor for the successful completion of the design into a reality. Having said that, you can take a look at some of the important elements we incorporate when the architect works for you.


One of the key elements that need to be considered during architectural designing is the space that is made available to build the house. The design should be well-planned and all the spaces should serve a definite purpose. We consider space as one of the important elements, to begin with, to strike the right balance of exterior landscape and other aspects. The experts at Radvi make sure that they discuss with the customer regarding the space allotment (more spacious bedrooms or living rooms, based on client preference) and then come up with joined decisions to execute the plan.


Architectural design is usually developed based on lines as it clearly defines the form, shape and volume of any blueprint solution. Lines are very effective and help in creating a sense of rhythm and flow within the design. The professionals at Radvi understand that and plan accordingly.


Colour provides an aesthetic appeal to the exterior of any building along with various potential effects. Colours tell a lot about people’s personalities as they could easily provide a character to the house by accentuating the form and creating a division that defines all the materials used. We believe that colours are the easiest way to convey the intended spirit of architectural design. The choices could be endless with warm colours that would uplift and stimulate the senses and cool colours that would provide a calmness to the senses of the guests.

Shape & Mass

Each architectural design needs a shape to represent the form of the house on paper. It is the basic form that would bring in an emotional response from the prospective homeowner. At Radvi, once the designing stage is complete and the plan gets approved, the basic form of the house layout begins in a three-dimensional aspect. The 3-D view or feature would show the house just as it would look after the completion of the house. This helps the customer as well as the architect to make changes before the construction begins.

Pattern & Texture

Both the interior and exterior design of the house could be easily styled with various texture elements that make the building stand out. This is the design element that would define the total appearance of the house or commercial building. The texture is architecturally visual or tactile and various surface variations like rough, smooth soft etc. could be used to add more style to the house. The experts also make use of patterns and add a dynamic appeal to the exterior and create smooth transitions between various elements. However, our customer has the final say in how to proceed as we value the inputs of our customers seriously.

Types of Architectural Services

Various styles could be easily adapted to design the exterior and interior of the house, villa or commercial building. It could be a combination of simple elements or a combination of multiple elements from different styles to make something unique. Some of the styles that are trending and popular in Bangalore are as follows:

In the 20th century, architecture gave birth to various styles like Post-modern, Futurism and New Classical. Modern architectural design is in more blanket terms that would cover the styles. In such styles, the forms are intended to be free from unnecessary details while keeping all the elements very simple. We provide large windows and set them in horizontal bands with open floor plans when we make use of a modern style of architecture when it comes to any building. All such designs bring in natural light through glass and interactive interior space. If you are looking for the best architects in Bangalore, you can end your search as Radvi has architects who are specialized in Modern architecture!

With the 15th century’s artistic revolution, this style of architecture appeared in architectural designs. Such designs reflect elegance while displaying harmony, strength and clarity.  If you like the classical domes and arches with Roman elements and a large courtyard, the renaissance is the style of architecture you would pick for your home. We make use of elements such as the orderly arrangement of columns, lintels and pilasters and the use of semi-circular arches followed in this style of architecture.

The Victorian era was from the mid to late 19th century. Many architectural designs and styles were well-blended to form this type of architecture. Victorian Style of architecture, which was popularized in the United Kingdom could be now incorporated into any building we construct in Banglore. We make use of elements like sash windows with bright colours on a multi-story building. The incorporation of various elements of Victorian architecture has become one of the trending styles in Bangalore. This style of architecture is used to provide an elegant look and feel to the home.  To reach out to Victorian Architects at Radvi, click here.

One of the major features that define Bauhaus over various styles is the functional design that makes use of minimal elements. The architectural design style makes use of cubic shapes, angles and flat roofs. Also, they make use of primary colours like blue, red and yellow. The open floor plans that are made of glass curtain walls give it a highly simplistic and elegant look. When we implement this architectural style in a building, we focus on plain, simple, modern and streamlined aesthetics and use the three basic colours red, yellow and blue with modern designs. We also make sure that the materials such as glass, steel and concrete are only being used to make the building look attractive.

Art Deco remains one of the most popularized styles all over the world after it had emerged. This style of architecture blends the handcrafted, modern and luxurious elements to portray the symbol of technological progress.  By incorporating certain elements from this style, we also intend to highlight the materials used such as reinforced concrete which provides a splendid look and feel to the house. Although the style is not that popular in Bangalore, it could be a great design for an impressive home that stands apart from the rest of the houses.

Gothic architectural style makes use of vertical elements. We use this architectural style to provide a majestic look and feel to the structure by drawing the attention of the on-looker. This style was originally used for cathedrals and churches and is now getting popular among most villa owners in Bangalore. The buildings have tall designs, pointed arch and look decorative and ornate. Besides, adding large stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings would accentuate the beauty of the building. If the Gothic style is of your taste, contact Radvi.

This architectural style was developed during the medieval period in England. It could be easily recognized due to its characteristics such as Four-Centred Arch and timber-framed houses. This style gets its inspiration from the Renaissance and Gothic elements of architecture. The sophisticated two-toned manor homes are a good example of Tudor style architecture. Modern-day Tudor homes we design make use of the style elements by leaving some brick exposed along with stucco or ornate half timbers from the exteriors. Feel free to reach out to us if Tudor style homes impress you.

This style, as the name sounds, originated from Tuscany in Italy. This style of buildings makes use of stone, wood, tile and wrought iron. The design has rustic elements and Mediterranean elements with clean lines and designs. One of the major advantages we have in using this style in Bangalore is that there is full freedom to make use of the locally available materials to form walls and foundations. Stone architecture, wrought iron accessories, marble flooring and rustic hardwood furniture are some of the fancy elements we make sure gets added to the home that is built in Tuscan style. Contact Radvi if you are interested in Tuscan style designs.

This style of architecture originated in India. The houses are long with wider verandas and a dropping attic. The name ‘bungalow’ is derived from a Hindi word meaning a house in Bengali style. There is the tiled roof and the exterior consists of lesser elements but provides a good look. This design was adapted from India and became very popular in America back in time and is still one of the most used architectural styles. As it originated from our homeland, Radvi has experienced experts who build this style of house. The experts at Radvi, other than building an ordinary bungalow, is also specialized in building variations like a raised bungalow that is built several feet above grade for installing larger windows for more natural light to enter the basement. Reach out to Radvi for building the best Bungalow style homes you would wish for!

This is, no argument, one of the most unique and varied architectural styles that question the process of design. It makes use of nonlinear dynamics by deconstructing the other styles with the help of philosophical analysis. We feel that this is one of the toughest designs to incorporate into the basic house layout. However, it could be an appealing and attractive structure when the professionals at Radvi build it wisely. It is a post-modern architectural style. Deconstructivism is characterized by the manipulation of the structure’s surface and the idea of fragmentation. It makes use of non-rectilinear shapes that are distorted and dislocate the conventional style concerning the structure of the building.

About Radvi

Radvi aims at fulfilling the dreams of prospective homeowners. Our major aim is to focus on minor detailing and help achieve the goals of people who wish to buy or own a house or a commercial building in Bangalore. We also focus on meeting the changing needs of the city by maintaining and conserving nature. Since its inception, Radvi has recorded growth after growth and have launched unique and comprehensive projects in various cities and is a fast developing organization not only in Bangalore but across India. All of our projects are customer-centric as we value the opinions of our customers with utmost importance. We make sure that all our projects have added value and serve the needs and comfort of our customers. Besides, the projects we have handled is becoming more valuable as time passes.

The main asset we have are the happy customers, who opted to work with us and get their project completed without any hassles. We have a unique customer-centric approach and are one of the most trusted experts in the field.  We look at bringing happiness to the faces of our customers and their families as an achievement we have made after the completion of each project.

We have professionals who would deal with clearance and work on the legal formalities and approvals required for the building/home.  When you usually hire a builder, you might not get all such services and might have to seek help from others to assist. By picking Radvi, you are getting a one-stop solution for all your needs right from buying a plot until the last job is completed. We stand with you in each step and phase of the project so that you could remain free from stress and worries and focus your attention on other pressing matters that would need your attention.

We create sustainable and quality homes and commercial spaces by implementing modern technology and incorporating various amenities needed within the house or commercial spaces. We are transparent with the work, budget and all other aspects to make sure that the customers feel confident enough to enquire or ask any doubts, share suggestions and let us know their concerns so that a practical solution could be found if at all an issue arises. Radvi interacts constantly with the workforce widespread across cities/functionalities and provides direction to empower them in order to achieve success in their work so that they overcome the challenges on the way and complete the task in record time to see the happiness in the customers. Just like our customers, we value our employees as we are a big family that works together to achieve excellence and success in Radvi.

We also focus on renovating the existing houses, villas, apartments and commercial buildings. If converting your building into a hub of technology is your main concern, we can install state-of-the-art technology to suit your needs. If interior design or renovation of the homes is your concern, we have experts who deal with their specialized areas and do the work for you, just the way you need it to be.

Our expert team can help you right from the beginning, to plan and design the structure, add fittings, complete the interior designing until the last works are complete so that the dream home becomes a reality you would be living in. You can reach out to us by checking out the contact us section and start building a stronger building along with a stronger relationship, both of which would last for years to come!