Why Are More People Buying Ultra-Luxury Homes in India?

Why Are More People Buying Ultra-Luxury Homes in India?

Over the last few years, there has been an increased demand for luxurious residences all throughout India. There are many factors for this, including rapid urbanisation, rising incomes and an increase in high-net-worth individuals. This alongside the want for home ownership after the pandemic means that it’s a great time to consider joining the ranks of people buying into this market.

If you want to know why people are buying more luxury homes, read on.

People Want Better Interiors & Architecture
Visual appeal matters to home buyers. With the rise of social media, people know what they want from their homes, and if they want a certain elevated look to their home, they’re happy to pay a higher price for it. This includes things such as greater amenities to make life easier, more rooms to have more guests and more spaces for entertaining in general.

Post Pandemic Spaces
Now that lockdowns are over, people prefer larger homes. This is because the pandemic made people understand the value of having a good space made for you at home, so you can create a safe space for yourself that satisfies your needs. Often these homes include things such as playrooms for children, libraries for adults and the options to facilitate working from home.

Add in Wellness Features
People want to live healthier lives, so they expect things in their homes such as air filtration systems, dedicated green spaces, and home offices as well as well-designed kitchens to suit their needs. Anti-bacterial features such as touchless sinks and toilets are also becoming more popular and so are things like indoor gardens and balconies. The idea is to create a welcoming space that helps you live a better quality of life.

Better For the Environment
Adding in green technology Is now a common feature that people buy luxury villas for. People like to have modern solutions such as thermal insulations on terraces to reduce heat from the top of the home. Electrical vehicle charging points are also very popular, alongside using recycled drain water for toilets as well as solar energy use, waste disposal systems and more.

Advanced Security
Luxury homes have well-thought-out security systems that include motion detectors, glass break sensors and temperature sensors to allow for better safety for residents. This is alongside smart home features such as a smart door system, smart thermostats and the like, which means that quality of life is increased also. In addition, most villas take the time to hire 24-hour security, so you know your family is safe and sound.

Second Home
Many people who visit India often are interested in having a second home available to them, to negate the need to stay at hotels. Some people come to India often for work, others come yearly to visit family, and so by. Having a second home on standby, they can make their stay feel more like coming home, and less like a visit.